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Zelda - Great Fairy Fountain (Classical/Ambient Remix)


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Just a heads up: This remix is long. lol 11mins. I wanted to go the extra mile for such a legendary tune. The remix flips between Classical and Ambient a few times, as there are traditional orchestral sounds, but also some futuristic Vangelis-y sounds present. I have implemented some other Zelda tunes, as well as my own original intro and outro, into the song before the fountain theme itself kicks in. I'm really proud of this one. I feel there's quite a bit of variety in it. And I like the little tease I did just before the fountain theme kicks in.

Any criticism is fine. I'm on a bit of a high. lol

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That transition around 4:43 is a bit loud and harsh.

At 5:39, the strings come in too suddenly, so you should smooth that out.

The section during 6:36-7:00 feels too sudden and kind of ruins the flow of the track up to that point. I'm sure there are better ways to hint at the upcoming source tune.

At 7:01 the lead harp comes in too suddenly, it's wholly unexpected.

The following section is exactly like the source, it would've been nice if you mixed it up a bit with your own work, like how you did at 10:13.

The wind chime at 10:26 is a bit too drawn out.

Lastly, for the ending, you should draw out the strings into a full fade. Ending the plucked strings on the 7th measure in the bar sounds off; I was left feeling like there could've been more, instead of a nice feeling of closure. Work on that outro some more.

Overall it is a very nice arrangement, although the length might be a big minus for the judges. Production-wise, it sounds alright, but I don't know for sure because I don't feel like looking at an EQ/Limiter for 11 minutes :razz:

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Wow, the remix is super long. Your production is always nice (what the hell is Clouddrifter?).

I like the "The Light Spirit Appears" section, it is very beautiful. The Lost Woods before it was good too, but not as impressive.

The lead that starts at 3:50 would be nice with some delay IMO. The transition to the Great Fairy theme was good. The attack on the string pad is a bit too slow, I'd make it a bit quicker.

The bass synth at the 4:50 mark is unfitting in my opinion, it needs to be more mellow sounding.

Like Elder Kirby said, the 6:36 section is uh... not really fitting. I don't the harp that enters at 7:02 is abrupt though. However, it is quite loud, drowning the flute and pads later. The sound at 8:22 (or close to that) is way too loud. The fairy arpeggios get repeated a bit too much too...

The variation at 10:10 is very very welcome. Nice touch.

Overall, a pretty song, similar to what you usually do. However, it is a bit too long and OCR would probably reject it because of its medley-ish nature. I like the first themes on the intro, but the song could just use the fairy themes and it'd have a better chance at becoming posted (I think).

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Beautiful stuff, Iceferno. The only issues I have with it have been pointed out already... but I'd say that the chief concerns here are the length and medley-like nature of some stretches of the song. Other than that exposed and abrupt harp section around 6:40-7:00 though, it all blends so well together... so it's hard to say whether the judges would ding you for including so many different melodies. Personally, I feel that you demonstrated a great knowledge of the series' music and wove it all together expertly in most places, but long songs which cycle through so many different sources traditionally don't fare well in the judging process.

Now to highlight the biggest positives: you kept my interest throughout the entire 11-12 minutes, which very few contemporary songs do. 2:00-2:25 was particularly beautiful. I'm itching to hear what you could do with that section if you really opened it up and gave it the huge, full sound of the main theme around 4:15-4:40... but in the context of this remix, I think you made a wise to choice to keep your foot off the gas there (2:00-2:25), since it's not the main/featured source.

Lovely work all around; thank you for sharing!

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Thank you, one and all. Very much appreciating that last reply there. I think on OCR people tend to expect a little too much and get bogged down in flaws. And even though you highlighted some yourself, you noticed some of the quirks I put in there, which is cool to see. I'm always pleased when people catch a little something in the remix that might not be obvious to everyone. :)

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