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New SNES album, comes in real SNES box!


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Quick intro:

I'm making new SNES music in the style of

Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Super Metroid and more:


Anyway, I just released my album today, and I thought someone

here at OCR might find the "SNES Box Set" interesting:



William Kage - Halfont (2012)

Basically, I wanted people to be able to re-live the

feeling of tearing open a brand new sealed SNES box.

Do you remember what that felt like? :D

What do you guys think?

Is this cool, or lame?


Second ... I'm making soundfonts! I've made quite a few already:

Alcahest, Brain Lord, Hyper Zone, Yoshi's Island, etc.

The biggest one on my plate is DKC, see the demo here:


... but I'm also trying to reach out to others in the community, to

learn & collaborate. I've been a composer for a long time, but I'm

new to soundfont creation, and I just started making SNES music

this year (though I've wanted to for a very long time).


Last but not least, I have submitted my very first OC Remix attempt.

It is a remix of "I Was Born For This" (Austin Wintory / Journey PS3)

made entirely of SNES sounds:


William Kage - I Was Born For SNES

It has not quite made it to the judges yet (submitted in early June),

so I've been crossing my fingers for many weeks now, heh. I really

hope that this will grant me "OC Remixer" status! Fingers crossed!!


Anyone who is into SNES stuff, please say hello! I've been listening

to OC Remix for about a decade, but never checked out the forums.

It's time to reach out and meet some new people! :D

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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You really do good work with the SNES soundfonts - I've enjoyed your stuff for some time, much like others on here. I do wish you submit your arrangement of Journey on the WIP forums here before submitting to OCR, though, as one of the mods would have been able to tell you that the track was not eligible for OCR due to the conservative arrangement. Don't let that take anything away from it, the track you made is a gorgeous cover, but the arrangement would need to be substantially different from the source to be considered for submission.

Better to know now than to be surprised by the result in the near future. Very nice work on it nonetheless, though,

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Hey, this is a really neat concept and I dig your tunes! I can't seem to get Bandcamp working on this computer for some reason, but I'm listening on Youtube. If I have money again, you bet your album's on my list!

I'm actually currently working on some original chiptunes for the Famicom and keep designing a game concept around them, though I have no programming skill whatsoever. I think I'm hoping for a video game programming prince to sweep my concept off its feet, though it would probably have to be a digital release since I'm using the VRC6 chip, which can not be utilized on the NES. :P

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