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OCR01439 - *YES* EarthBound 'Red Blue Sanctuary'


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Might have been DP but I'm in a rush to head out to Vegas... -djp

Contact Info

o Your ReMixer name

: Binster

o Your real name

: Martin Binfield

o Your email address

: thabisnit@abandonedsheep.com

o Your website

: http://www.abandonedsheep.com

o Your userid on our forums

: 1751

ReMix Info

o Name of game(s) ReMixed

: Earthbound

o Name of individual song(s) ReMixed

: Sanctuary Guardian, and Welcome To Your Sanctuary

Hello Mr DjP.

Here is my new remix.

This track was originally completed for Adhesive Boy's and Irriadin's now defunct Earthbound remix project.

It's a beastly mix of Sanctuary Guardian, which segues nicely into a soothing mix of Welcome To Your Sanctuary.

It was made entirely in Reason, and the two parts were stitched together in Cool Edit.

I hope you like it.



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http://snesmusic.org/spcsets/mo2.rsn - "Sanctuary Guardian" (mo2-040.spc) & "Welcome to Your Sanctuary" (mo2-043.spc)

Gonna keep it short and sweet. Played this on VGF68 as one of the lead-in tracks to Bound Together. First section starts off as basically a sound upgrade of "Sanctuary Guardian". Thicker beats and more texture. 1:05 started hitting things with a bit more interpretation to match the expansion, but was pretty brief before going back to the expansionist formula. Needs to get more interpretive quickly.

Around 2:15-onward went into some noise-based transition stuff until 2:32 moved into arrangement of "Welcome to Your Sanctuary" that was a lot more interpretive and substantial as a rearrangement than the treatment of "Sanctuary Guardian". Praise the Jesus!

YESing just the treatment of "Sanctuary Guardian" would prove dicey to some, as it's merely expansionist and doesn't do much to the source material IMO than add the phat beetz and some additional sounds. It sounds hawt and gr00ve-bias and all that but lacks substance. But the second half rearranging "Welcome to Your Sanctuary" completely saved it and would stand on its own as a 3-minute arrangement, so I've got no issues.

Cool stuff with the SFX starting at 4:30 that later reveealed itself to be saying "Welcome to your sanctuary" when finally exposed at 5:13. Very intelligent stuff. Arrangement (treated as a whole) and production are solid. Nice contrast between the two sections as well. Sorry the AB/Irriadin project fell through, but we still get the goods anyway, so it's all good. Keep 'em coming, Martin!


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Anyway I really like the first half the mix; aweomse groove with great sounds. The bassline, arpeggios, and percussion meld together really well. I love that deep bass sound. Really clean.

The transition is pretty trippy stuff; those wild SFX around starting around 1:45 are sweet. The slow degeneration of the music into the SFX is handled really well.

Second half of the song has some really nice pads. All that swirly stuff gets grounded with the groovy percussion and bassline. Positively headbobbin'.

I have no idea what that voceded voice is saying, but I'm inclined to agree regardless.


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I'm not particularly wild about how this feels like two different remixes put back to back, but I'd say there's enough stylistic similarities between the two sections to provide some continuity.

I actually kind of like the click leading up to the start of the track, reminds me of the transition between "Airbag" and "Paranoid Android" off OK Computer.

Production is slick, and though as the other judges pointed out, there's less interpretation going on in the sanctuary garden section, the overall presentation of this ReMix puts it over the bar.



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Those beats certainly are good. Groove Bias shows its face. I'm loving the instrument choices in this first section. Good Bass, good synthsweeps in the background, interesting synth choices all around. The beats do sound a little heavy in places for the general quietness of the stuff working it's magic around it. I'm with Darkesword in really liking the first half of this mix. It's just so well put together and builds up it's complexity very subtley and professionally.

The remix gets a little crazy after 2:00, it's like a drug trip or something. The second half of the mix works for me, it's like the remix has built itself up to a level of euphoria and now is just basking in the afterglow of such an excellent climax.

Arrangement issues? Nah, none. This is great. Well done.


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