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Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Menu Theme (Deep Trance remix)


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Anything nice to say about it?

You're gonna get critism. Sometimes there just isn't anything nice to say about it. :D

Honestly, he's right about everything he just said, but I wouldn't make it sound like it's that bad. It is pretty well put together for spending 5 hours on it (I saw your comment haha).

I would go back and lighten up on reverb, maybe do some delays and stuff? I'd put some compression on the drums to fatten it up and give it a bigger and cooler beat.

And mess with the arrangement. Change it around! Do your own thang! :D

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Why? I shouldn't need to make it overly different. That's something I've found with you people. You don't seem to quite get that sometimes people make remixes for fun. Sometimes it is just the same thing in a different style. I did this as a kind of bonus track. The day I made it, I didn't know I would be until about 9pm. Maybe the arrangement's identical, but the style is me.

Btw, 1 and a half hours, not 5. 5hrs before I finished it, I didn't know I'd be making it.

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If it's not for OCRemix then yeah, Iceferno's absolutely right - there's no reason for it to change significantly from the source at all. That's unique to OCR, and unless he expresses plans to submit the track then there's no problem with conservative arrangements. I mean, going strictly from that standard Megadeth's cover of Duke Nukem' would also be 'too coverish', but if anyone denies that his cover was amazing I'd say that person was crazy. It's your arrangement; if you want to follow the source strictly, go ahead, there's nothing wrong with that.

Don't be too defensive about your remix otherwise, though, Iceferno - aside from the 'too coverish' comments, the other posters have been correct. The reverb does take away from what is otherwise a very nice, bouncy cover of the source, so take that down a few notches. If I may add, the melody just sounds a little too thin to my taste, as well - perhaps adjusting the synth so the sustain is higher might do the trick, there.

It's a fun, bouncy track that puts a smile on my face when I listen to it. I'll be happy to hear it some more if/when you make some tweaks to it.

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