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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


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  • 1 year later...

Though there has been no confirmation of an English release, SE did trademark Curtain Call a few months back, so there's hope.

Also just gonna commandeer this thread for the sequel.

New characters include Zack Fair and Barret Wallace (FF7), Edge Geraldine (FF4), Rikku (FF10), Paine (FF10-2), Y'shtola (FF14), Benjamin (FFMQ), Ace, Rem, and Machina (FFType-0). Also new songs from games already featured in the original along with songs from FF14, Mystic Quest, Tactics, Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dissidia (and Duodecim), Type-0, and Lightning Returns.

Music from Romancing SaGa and Romancing SaGa 3 have been confirmed as DLC.

Also an exclusive 3DSXL has been revealed.


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Considering that Curtain Call couples the content originally exclusive to the iOS version with all the content of the 3DS original in addition to adding a lot of new songs, including EMS stages which are absent in the iOS version...

Yeah I doubt it. At least not right away.

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If this is announced for NA release, which it most likely will be... then no, cause everything Theatrhythm did this does better. This adds button controls so no need to rely on the touch screen, a multiplayer versus mode, actual quests instead of a set of three stages...

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