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OCR02511 - Impulse "Strange Rock in the Heavens"


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Really solid stuff from Nabeel here, who's really come into his own with a diverse amount of material, especially in the various comps going on. I loved both themes on the Impulse soundtrack, and Nabeel really amped up the energy while still keeping a spacey/interstellar feel, which was awesome. I can easily see how this fits into Impulse itself as part of the game's soundtrack. Nice work, man. :-)

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I got to have to hand it to Neblix - definitely one of his best works!

I'm also keeping this one fairly brief as well, which is rare, but this managed to intertwine both sources well while managing to keep with the more spacy aspects of the source. Neblix may have told me that he believed that "Blackout Tower" for the previous GRMRB was amongst his best works, but I believe that structurally he has managed to kick it up to eleven and involved a significantly more engaging progression throughout its duration. It's also amongst one of his sharpest productions too; everything has a lot of punch, sounds clear and dynamic, and it's hard to believe all this through comparing this and his starting tracks when he got involved as well.

What amazes me more is how much more consistent he's been getting at the writing aspect in such a short space of time. Let me be blunt here - "Heaven Awaits" interpreted the Prelude well and had a firmly produced vision, but to me the writing just felt too messy to really appreciate it all that much, and strangely he felt the same way whilst in conversation with him. Over time though, his writing methods have been getting more and more polished and engaging, and between this and his efforts with Plug Man in the GRMRB, I believe his works are becoming increasingly more accessible and all around fun to listen to, and I really hope he keeps up this trend.

Who knows, maybe in the next two years he may even give brother DarkeSword a run for his money ;)

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