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Geeky albums we may have missed in 2012?

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Hey all, 2012 was a good year in game music and geeky music, and as such there may have been some albums which passed under the radar. Do any of you guys have an album released in the last year which you loved, but you think didn't get much attention? Or maybe you just have something you want to evangelize about? Let me hear them. I'm going to compile some of them in a blog post on 8BitX as well, so keep an eye out.

I should give you a few suggestions, to be fair. Quid pro quo, so here you go:

SOUNDSHOCK 2: FM FUNK TERROR - Original Sega Genesis-style chiptune funk compilation that will spontaneously bedeck you with the coolest of shades.

Cities in Motion - The game came out in previous years, but the album became available for purchase this year, SO: unrelentingly fun and relaxing ambient music, jazz, and goodvibes for your work day.

Fastfall: Dustforce OST - The game itself never reached the same (unparalleled) popularity of Super Meat Boy, but it's a good'un. The soundtrack is equally formidable, and shows off a wide range of lo-fi chiptune, dance, ambient, and industrial sounds.

NES Jams - Shnabubula wrecks your face with NES piano covers. You are not prepared.

So what did I miss? If you can link to a (legal) download or streaming page, you'll be my new favorite internet friend.

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Well, only two of the four albums I mentioned were on that last (City in Motion might not really count since the album came out this year but not the game, but I'm just sassing you back if you can't tell).

Oh, nothing against threads like these (like I said in the conclusion of that thread, there were surely things I forgot), just sayin'. :D

Also that wasn't sassing you. I just was sayin'. :\

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The Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams soundtrack was one of my favorite releases of the year and quickly rose into the ranks of some of the best music I've ever heard.

Shazbot! Didn't realize Huelsbeck was still composing. Now I'm kinda sad I didn't get to his MAG panel. Thanks for lettin' us know Kyle, the sweet sounds are now filtering through these ears.

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