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Soundfonts and VST plugins (Help)

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Ok everybody i am warning you right now I might sound liek a total idiot in this thread, as I dont know waht Im talking about. But anyways...

For the first song I've made using FL ive using the Fruity soundfnt player, and various soundfonts. Waht I'm wondering is what the difference between VSTi and soundfonts, soundwise. Which one will sound realler. Or are they the same thing? I dont know im jsut confused and would like some help...

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Which one sounds more real?



Soundfonts are usually shit compared to the large orchestral libraries like GPO or QLSO or what-the-fuck-ever acronym that comes out, however these large orchestral libraries [which come in VSTi form] cost a lot of money.

You could stick with soundfonts, though VSTi are cooler in my opinion, especially considering how much more flexible they are.

On the OTHER hand, soundfonts/samples may sound more realistic because they ARE, they're just sampled from a real instrument which may or may not work when sequencing, as opposed to physical modelling used in things like FL Slayer [which is supposed to sound like a guitar if you haven't noticed].

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Soundfonts = Samples.

VSTis = Synths (generally).

As Overcoat said, soundfonts are samples. Some sort of instrument that has been recorded. Well, usually some sort of instrument. Anyways, VSTis tend to be synths, that is, they produce sound by... syntherising it. They make it up themselves. Damn, go wiki it, I can't explain it very well right now.

Of course, this matter is confused becasue some VSTis are samplers. Remember, VST and VSTi are just standards to get various things to talk to each other. It doesn't really matter what these things are, provided they can make sound good and give said sound to the next thing good. Ya dig?

So really, you should be asking whether sampels or synths are better. But don't do that, because that would be stupid. It's like asking whether Apples or Beef are better. Well, are you making stew or are you making apple pie?

Did that make any sense, or was it way to incoherent?

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