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OCR Fantasy Sports? Mayyybe?


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Just a thought that popped into my head today.

Are there any sporty types on OCR that would want to play in a simple fantasy sports league? Like, say, Fantasy Baseball? Not like, super sabermetrics-WAR-Bill James stuff, just a casual league of OCR guys. I seem to think it'd be fun :P I'd be happy to set it up as well :P

People Interested:

Flexstyle (Football, perhaps Baseball)

Xarnax42 (Football, perhaps other things)

Zerothemaster (Baseball, willing to try anything)

ectogemia (MMA)

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i love sports but i don't play fantasy so i can't help you out :(

Nothing's stopping you from starting now! :D

OCR fantasy MMA, and I'm in. I'll even settle for finding just one fan to whom I can communicate all my shitty, misguided picks.

I didn't even know they had this lol but they do :P

I am staunchly against sports, or any physical movement of any kind, but I'd be interested in doing this as long as watching every episode of "The League" is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to join. :-)

Good old Brandon, I can never tell when you're being serious, facetious or both :P

Even if I just have four teams I'd start a fantasy Baseball league. We're at two or three right now :P And I'd be happy to do football when the season kicks back up lol

And you don't have to be very serious :P As I said, nothing in-depth, just something basic :P

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I have made a Fantasy baseball league on cbssports. WE NEED TEN TEAMS, SO EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN. It's a simple 5x5 rotisserie league, so weekly points are defined by 10 different areas of stats, and it's both AL and NL players. You'll need to create a cbssports account then you can search the list of leagues for OCR. The league that pops up should be the one. The password is "allhaildjpretzel". I have it set to an automated draft the day before the season starts (3/30). Here's a link, i hope: http://freemeeting.1.baseball.cbssports.com/meeting/byname?name=OCR

There is a rank list of players that you'll be able to edit but... I haven't located it yet. When you do edit it, that'll be your preference list that the draft will go off of. I'll find it eventually, but my internet's buggering on me right now. This should be the link to join cbssports:


Hope to see you all there! :D

EDIT: Found the link to edit ranked lists.


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