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What's the name of that DOS game?


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I've been thinking recently a bit about the games I played on our old 386 computer as a kid, and there was one game that I bought for my own saved up money and really liked, although it was really hard. Now I can't seem to remember its name or much about it, but maybe you guys know of it?

What I can remember is this: It is a fantasy RPGish game for MS-DOS (possibly Windows 3.1), which came on 3 or 4 floppy disks, where you see from a first person kind of perspective. You move around in screens (klick och press arrows to go to next screen or turn left/right to different screens) and you start in some sort of dungeon. It's pretty dark and I think you find a short sword very quickly. I think you fight some skeletons here, but I'm not sure.

If I remember correctly you can have several people in your party, but I don't remember if they're with you from the start or if you meet them in the dungeon as you go along.

If someone died (in your party or a monster) they usually turned into a pile of rags and bones, I think.

This is unfortunately all I can remember, but hopefully it's something to go on. I hope you can help me!

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I love that game style! if you were looking for a modern game, legend of grimrock is kindof like that.

if you start in a dungeon its likely not xeen. swords of xeen, clouds of xeen and darkside all start in a town. isles of terra starts in town as well. is it a game where you start out having to take your characters out of stasis? I think that's dungeon master.

might be lands of lore too, but I remember nothing about it besides the fact that I think Patrick Stewart played the king

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What you describe could be just about any dungeon crawler, which were dime a dozen in those times. These are a bunch from the top of my head that you could look into:

Ultima Underworld

Lands of Lore

Might & Magic


Dying to leave a pile of rags and bones makes me think it's a Dungeon Master game. Either way, StarZander has lots to look into! ^_^

You guys are old.

Oh hush, puppy :P nya!

You're only as old as you feel XD

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As great and terrible as Wizardry was, it doesn't fit the description given. It's possible to construct that series of events, but it's really unlikely to happen by accident. And that's only if dead people look that way in the PC version (I've only seen Mac, NES, SNES; the differences between them are significant enough that such a difference to the 386 version would be possible)

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I've checked all your suggestions, and Dungeon Master is the closest thing to what I remember, but it's still not quite right. I don't remember any rooms where you chose your champions, for example, I think you were just kind of thrown into the game.

I'm starting to think I might have to find a list of all DOS rpgs ever or something, and just check every single one. I just can't seem to let this go. :)

If anyone has any more suggestions, I'm open to them!

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