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Xenon Odyssey - Fountainhead

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My debut album: a love letter to the Nintendo Entertainment System soundtracks of old! Features every expansion chip used during the system's lifespan (save for the Sunsoft 5B, however).

Yes, I did release this a while ago; however, due to some mishaps with the album art, it's finally being promoted for mass consumption! Get it while it's lukewarm!

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CHRIST man, just when I was starting to feel good about my albums! I'm not even a minute into the first tune as I'm writing this and I'm already in love with the charm exuded by your tracking. EXCELLENT stuff man, I'll be listening to this one for a while (and paying for the album, once I get home :D )

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This is pretty awesome! True chiptune greatness! My standout favorites are Fundamental, Casinotheque and Road to Contention. I was a little thrown off at first how each song just kind of fades out and doesn't have a proper "ending", but then when I realized the context of this basically replicating the idea of an NES soundtrack, then it totally makes sense, the songs would need to loop or fade-out like it would in an actual game. Really cool stuff, nice job Bobby!! :smile:

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