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looking for a genre that may or may not exist


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Miku! Go use winamp or iTunes (or RealPlayer) and find a chillout shoutCAST station. You can search here: http://www.shoutcast.com/ (search with the term "chillout")


Digitally Imported

those are some good stations to check out. I think I know what you're talking about and if you listen long enough you will hear a song that fits your description. Be sure to get the artist name and song title when you do hear something.

Miku, from what I can gather you're talkin some sweet flute lines, jazzy rhodes and a funky bassline. Throw in some DnB style stuff in the background and some punchy beat in the foreground? Don't forget some sweet ambient pads to set the right mood and then a screaming synth lead that evolves over time?

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Don't triple post.

But each post is a day apart. The first to second post is actually 3 days apart. 8)

Hmm, I couldn't find Medwyn Goodall nor could I find his song, "Raven". The database is very incomplete and so it would never be able to track down bedroom artists which are the leaders of genre that Miku is looking for. I could be wrong.

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