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APRIL FOOL'S! OC ReMix Presents Final Fantasy III (meaning VI): Unbalanced and Ruined!

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"The Hell is a Sprach?" - as in "Also sprach Zarathustra"... the opening of which appears in 2001: A Space Odyssey, of course. Uematsu's BIG FAT opening fanfare reminded too much of that.

I actually caught the reference on my first listen. Got a well-deserved "Nice. Niice." from me.

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seriously, some of you are so dense when it comes to april fool's. :lol: "i mentioned april fool's. Why did my post get deleted?" really?

why are you such a stupidface spoiling the joke? :banghead:

stfu and just play along.

This, so much! I don't get it why they have to point it out that it's an april fools day :/.

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Brandon, one of these days I want to make a thread that's just the collected .gif postings by you, or the greatest hits if nothing else, because you always manage to pull one out of nowhere that makes me chuckle. For every one you've ever posted, thank you, sir.

:lol: Same here. I go to a thread, see your .gifs, and bust out laughing (to some of them :) ). Especially those Nicolas Cage ones.

This needs to be done.

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