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Oh man, that electric piano sounds so hauntingly good with the stormy sound effects in the background for the intro. It does seem to capture a sense of hopelessness, but at the same time, it's arranged so well that it has a weird uplifting beauty to it. Very interesting.

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Oh man, I love the Sonic Augmentation album. I find this particular track to be soothing, actually. It can have a haunting or hopeless quality, but I think some of that depends on how you approach and interpret the song. It has some grim feelings to it, but there's also a pattern to it, a sense of control and stability. The electric piano was an excellent choice, and the pads and guitar really have a lot to add. Yep, this track is absolutely beautiful. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

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I was going to write some positive remarks, but I don’t think I can beat:

( • _ •)

( • _ •)⌐■-■


But seriously, this remix is very excellent. I love the guitar and synth work here. They complement each other so well. It’s neither too soft to listen to only when you’re trying to relax, or too loud to listen to only when you want music to boost your energy. It’s perfect for both occasions.

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