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OCR02884 - *YES* Metroid Prime 2 'Torvus Chips'

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Well, this one's a popular one on YouTube, so I figured I'd submit it. This is my contribution to the Harmony of a Hunter album sequel, "Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run." Basically, they contacted all of us involved in the first album and asked if we'd be interested in contributing to a sequel... and since I'd never done an MP2 remix and thought it could be fun... here it is!


Title: Torvus Chips

Game: Metroid Prime 2 - http://ocremix.org/game/482/metroid-prime-2-echoes-gcn

Composer: Kenji Yamamoto

Original Composition: Torvus Bog - http://ocremix.org/song/6412

Description: "I'll be honest, I've only played the Metroid Prime franchise briefly. What I played I enjoyed, but, never enough to buy the system and the games. But, I really enjoyed the Metroid Prime soundtrack. So, when it was available, I took a listen to the MP2 soundtrack, and... honestly... wasn't that impressed. The only tune that really jumped out at me was the Torvus Bog track. So, when I was contacted about contributing to a HoH sequel, this was the only track I wanted to do. And, they were cool with that.

Landing upon a suitable style took some time... nothing was working... and then, for some reason, I felt like trying the theme out in an aggressive chiptune-fusion genre, and... it worked! I've often taken game themes and slowed them down, to add a groove, make it more chill, etc... it's rare that I do the opposite approach and make an originally ambient track more hard-hitting and powerful, but this is one of those instances. I'm really proud of the result on this one. Enjoy the chiptune fusion; NES sounds, sine waves, and more. And check out the full album if you haven't yet! - http://www.shinesparkers.net/harmonyofahunter/download/"


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The track was 3:17-long, so I needed at least 98.5 seconds of overt source usage to be cool with the arrangement. I wasn't very worried about it, but it seemed like there were enough breaks from the source that I should check it.

:00-16, 17-19, 20-25, 27-37.5, 39.5-45.5, 52-57, 1:04.5-1:11, 1:16.5-1:25, 1:30.5-1:41.5, 2:08-2:17, 2:29.5-2:39, 2:54.5-3:04, 3:07-3:16.5 = 110 seconds or 55.8%

I could have missed some other usage as well, but it doesn't matter in the end.

That said, the first thing that really stood out was "Whoa, this could use another pass at the mixing." As soon as it reached :14, I thought this sounded extremely crowded, and different parts really seemed to mud together in the same frequency ranges. It just kept doing it as it built up at :26 & :39. If y'all told me this was the 96kbps or 112kbps encoding, I would have believed you. Basically, :14-1:07 and 1:30-2:07 were the problematic areas to me; 2:17-2:55 as well, but less so.

I definitely love the arrangement; I also am sad-faced over how swamped this sounded. It probably will make it, and I'd have no problem with it passing as is. It's an awesome interpretation, but I'll always just want to hear this cleaned up some. The lack of clarity is just enough for me to not be able to look past it. Sorry, Chris.

If it doesn't make it, it would just take some EQing touch-ups to get it passed. I'd absolutely hate for this to not get posted in some form. Best of luck with the rest of the vote.

NO (refine/resubmit)

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I agree that it gets a little bit muddy here and there but by and large I didn't really care. Really cool style, I like the way you write riffs and play around with the timing of the comparatively simple source rhythms. Nice faux chippage.


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I agree that this sounded a little below Chris' usual mixing standards, but that's a very high bar. Usually his work is extremely polished, whereas this was just a touch under that. It doesn't much affect my enjoyment of a great Torvus arrangement - dynamic sounds and writing, engaging programming, all the stuff I already loved about Mazedude's music is still here.


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