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Loving new music, but need more...


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Hello everyone,

It's been a LONG time since I've stepped on these forums and I was looking around online for a music oriented site to ask a question, so suddenly I thought about this great site.

Well, I've always loved trance and house music, but recently I was introduced to Dubstep. I had heard the genre before, but for some reason it really didn't catch my attention until I was at a party last month and they had Pandora playing Skrillex station and I heard some pretty good songs, though what really got me cranked up was a song by Pendulum (Crush).

Next day when I got home, I bought the whole Immersion album and LOVED it! then I bought Hold Your Colour and MAN, it's just soooooo awesome, can't stop listening to it. It's been almost a month, and that's all I listen to.

The question is, what would you recommend me that sounds like Pendulum? I learned that Pendulum broke apart so what's out there that sounds like them?

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zircon's DnB songs.


Look at Mass Media Constant or Fittest OST for DnB, though his other albums are amazing in other ways.

Bloody hell man, I've been listening to Zircon's stuff and damn, I really like his music. "Identity Sequence" Is fantastic, a really nice mix of songs in there, some very chill, some very uptempo. Also the song "Across the Ocean" reminds me a lot of the music from "Mighty Switch Force", great stuff!

I remember I bought his "Antigravity" album when he first announced it a while back and I loved it, but at the time I think it was his only album featured in iTunes.

I've always thought the Cave Story remix "The Unbroken" by Nutritious sounded just like Pendulum, especially when the vocals come in. Its a really great remix so I highly recommend:


Of course that's just one song, I don't have much else to recommend, alas!

I remember playing this game, but I never beat it, got stuck at the last boss. The Remix is great btw!

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Let's see...I've been known to incorporate Pendulum influence on

with my VGM stuff, and I've got a ton of original stuff as well.

Past that, I have to give a +1 for zircon's stellar work, and you should also check out A_Rival, Celldweller, Seven Lions, Xilent, Noisia, and Madeon. All stellar stuff, and there's more recommendations where this came from if you dig what I've linked. :-D

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what you're looking for is dnb and possibly darkstep...but perhaps with an extra layer of guitars + vocals.

dieselboy has a ton of dnb/darkstep/drumstep mixes, which may be worth checking out.

a very specific EP: The Road, by Jackal Queenston. specifically defined as "pendulum-inspired", and a good track. (you might like a few other tracks under that name, his remix of "Mind Killer" (from Rez!) is pretty sweet)

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