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JigginJonT is crowdfunding a record


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Hey folks,

I'm sure you know the drill by now re: artists on this site promoting their crowdfunding projects. I'm doing one through PledgeMusic for my band The Roof Beam Carpenters.

If you've enjoyed any of the music I've submitted to this site (and other sites in the VGM community) over the years, then I'd recommend checking out my campaign and taking a look at the sample tracks I have uploaded.


Sidenote: I did an odd little 7 part web series to promote the campaign. You can view the whole thing here:


Also, to all my old pals who still hang out here: Hi! I'm still making music! Hope you've all had a productive couple of years!



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i'll do it!

yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah buddy

International shipping costs are a big ol jagged stick right up the ol' bum. :)

Anyway, I support this album.

international folks, i'd recommend doing the $10 digital pledge, but if you really want some of the extras we can work something out. international shipping IS a huge bummer.

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