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Video Content Ideas for OC ReMix's YouTube Channel

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If OCR had the industry connections to do short docus on VGM composers, that would be a huge draw to OCR. It would have the same appeal as "All Your History." Pretty involved stuff though.

Another great series would be "The Panel".. following a new artist trying to submit something, with an established remixer as a mentor, and it follows the song process from its conception, to production, to submission, and finally acceptance or rejection. Ever seen MADE from MTV? Basically that. It's more about the story and people than the song itself.

If all else fails, a 10-minute loop of Stevo rubbing his beard on different things with

in the background.
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Quickly scanned through the pages and saw NOTHING about music videos. I know it's been a while since I was involved with the music videos that turned up around here (or since I contributed anything around here for that matter) but I would LOVE to see more of those.

In fact, I still have several larger scale projects I wanted to work on. If we had high enough quality material, would it be considered for release on the ocremix channel as a secondary video for a given song? I haven't even scratched the surface of how cool some of my ideas could be.

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I like the VGM composer spotlight idea. OCR has a huge database on info on composers, and I think different videos covering some big players in the video game music industry would not only get there names even more recognized (because some people just like the game music, and don't really know the composers), it would also be informative and fun.

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