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OCR01484 - *YES* Star Control 2 'Lightyears Away'

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remixer name: Mark Vera

real name: Jouni Airaksinen

email: markvera a spacesynth d net

website: http://www.markvera.net

userid: 3990

remix info:

Star Control 2

Lightyears Away



I've always wanted to make remix which has the spirit of the original Hyperspace theme as the it was (and still is) one of my favourites. I started on this remix almost two years ago, but finished it in one evening just recently. Such long pause between of course ment practically complete remixing of the sounds and fixing the arragement to fit my standards I have nowdays for my music.

Even though I have lots of hardware synthesizers in my studio today, the only one I used for this remix is my beloved Juno-106, which took the honor of playing the bassline. Most used software synths are Pro-53 and WaspXT.

Arragement done in Orion Platinum.

The arragement is partly based on midi patterns I made for the first Hyperspace remix already posted here on OCR.

// Jouni


Jouni Airaksinen // www.markvera.net

www.spacesynth.net the place where spacesynth scene meets!

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http://s87139486.onlinehome.us/sc2mods/H-space.mod - "Hyperspace"

Just noting that I felt the arrangement approach, though similar (as alluded to in the sub letter), was different enough from Jouni's first ReMix of "Hyperspace", "Hyperspace Electro Blast", where I'm ok with allowing it on that level. The arrangement approach for that older mix though was more creative and interpretive than this one though, which was more of a cover-style approach.

I'm sure people can put up a fairly fine argument that there's enough expansion here to make it a pass on the arrangement level, but this was still nagging on me quite a lot. Does a good job of filling out the original though and adding new parts, though the structure being so similar was a big turnoff to enjoying the track. The question is weighing whether it passes the test as an expansive-enough cover that distinguishes itself enough from the original.

Props on another solid production job from the Euro side. It helped compensate for the fact that most of the synth design was underwhelming and made the track sound cookie-cutter at times as a result. Hearing the percussion sounding barren and generic in really prominent places like :55-1:02 honestly made me cringe a number of times. I can't help coming away from the track feeling that the sounds generally were thin despite the barrage of sounds in play at almost any given time.

Sorry to say I wasn't feeling the track much when comparing it with the original. With further rearrangement ideas and some modification of the synths into more unique sounds, this would be worlds stronger, but I can objectively acknowledge the work put into writing some new parts and expanding the original. It's on the very lowest of low ends of what I'd accept from an expansive cover-style arrangement.

YES (tentative/very borderline)

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"Star Orion" is one of my all-time favorite songs ever. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Anyway, this is supersolid stuff on the production end. Every sound has just that right amount of reverb to place it correctly in the soundscape, but at the same time, the entire piece sounds clear. Awesome balance in this piece.

As far as arrangement goes, I agree with Larry that it's pretty close to the original, but at the same time, I think that there are a lot of embellishments+fills that help bring this song to another level.

YES (somewhat borderline on arrangement)

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The arrangement bothers me, I mean it's very close. Otherwise I'm YES on this, tentatively. But I'd like to hear more opinions on this and if necessary be persuaded for NO. I'm really borderline.

It's slick and nice sounding, but like the previous judges the arrangement is a potential issue.

I'd like this vote to continue past 4 YES if necessary, due to the reservations.

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I'm a fan of Mark Vera's stuff. It's a unique style that you don't really hear from any other mixers on OCR, even people who work in an electronic style. The synths, in another context, might be viewed as basic, but I think here they fit very well. It's not just about the timbre of the synth itself. It's about modulation, automation, effects, proper sequencing.. those things really make the difference. But even those things aside, these synths aren't exactly chiptune-style blips and bloops. They're carefully made and sound great.

Arrangement-wise, I can see where one might say that it doesn't stray far from the original. I would also say that more could have been done to vary up the chord progression and the structure of the song, as it IS a little on the repetitive side. Nonetheless, I believe it's acceptable given the style, and there's a strong interpretive element here that just can't be ignored. Combined with very smooth production there's not a lot I can criticize in this mix.

Great job, I look forward to hearing more subs from you, Mark!


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Starts off sounding iffy, the kick initially sounds out of place, but as the snare comes in, it's apparent that you've set up a very cool and powerful 80's electro style beat here. Very awesome, although apparent that it's heavily influenced by the sound of the source.

The arrangement is different enough here. In setting up such a thorough soundscape for the mix, the mixer's also set up interesting arrangement to surround the melodies borrowed from the source.

I don't see any particularly strong reason to reject this. It's creative, enjoyable to listen to and well produced.


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