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OCR01477 - *YES* Mega Man 2 'Wily and the Deep Forest'


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Not feeling too hot about that string sample or the lead that starts off the Woodman melody, but the arrangement is supercool. Nice beats all around; constantly changing with some nice fills. Whee.

Vig is right; 2:15 is hotness.

The rest of the track follows suit.

I guess isn't not supercool. :(

It's about time we got an awesome Woodman mix.


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http://www.zophar.net/nsf/megaman2.zip - Tracks 13 ("Wood Man Stage"), 19 ("Dr. Wily Stage 1") & 22 ("Ending")

Played this on VGF78. Quite the overhaul from the first arrangement attempt Frank did on this, "Deep Forest Dance", which was restricted to arranging just "Wood Man Stage" and featured all the way back on VGF29.99. The piece has come a long way, and I appreciate the added work. I have to admit, I rather liked the simplicity of the first version, but certainly appreciate the new ideas in this one.

I didn't mind the string samples quite as much, though the complaints were valid on it; sounded too synthetic with the note-to-note movements in places, but was fine in the big scheme of things. Beats coming in at 1:02 were too loud the whole way through and could have been brought down a few db, IMO. Definitely good fills going on with the percussion work to keep things energetic and interesting.

Also agreed on the Wood Man lead at 1:26 sounding rather tepid, but there was some good subtle freestylish doubling of the melody going on underneath.

Good brief change in the flow from 2:13-2:24. Good reference to Wily's theme at 3:23; very stylish writing there and the lead synth there seemed to fit a bit better going for a shriller sound.

I actually thought the transition at 3:43 to the "Ending" theme was really abrupt and should have been handled more subtly. As it was, it was too jarring of a move. Arrangement there was pretty good. Heard some odd-sounding piano chords at 4:15-4:16, but it may just be me. Glad to finally have the beats drop out at 4:41 for the piano-based closed.

The strings and piano could sound more realistic, but were otherwise handled capably, plus the arrangement was strong. I didn't think this was quite as catchy as FFMQ "And He Returned Home", but a solid addition nonetheless; good going, Frank.


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