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OCR02799 - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 'Forest of Purple Mist'

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Congrats on the mixpost, Jordan and Kristina! You did a great job with this too, Wes! :D (I loved the "round robin" outtro)

I could hear the strings and oboe issues the j00js were hearing, but I'm sure even now, you guys could find something to nitpick in your own mix, so I'll leave that to you. :P Overall, pretty solid track.

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Chimpazilla is on a roll, getting up to Judge and getting posted all within a month! Congrats again! As for the mix, yeah, you could nitpick lots of things, but for the things I liked, I really enjoyed the ambient bird noises that come and go and loved the atmosphere of the entire mix. You nailed that "Foresty Woods" vibe 100%. Great job to all three of you for this nice track.

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I've been coming to OCremix for a couple of years now, and in that time I have heard some amazingly recaptured songs both from my childhood and from recent times. This song has the sort of adventurous feel to it I would expect from a LoZ remix, and it's very beautifully done. I look forward to seeing if you three collab again

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