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OCR02975 - *YES* Chrono Cross & Radical Dreamers 'Cruisin' (Live Edit)' *RESUB*


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Link to the rejection thread: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=37668 (whoa that was a long time ago)

Your ReMixer name: Ivan Hakštok

Your userid: 43292

Name of game(s) arranged: Chrono Cross, Radical Dreamers

Name of arrangement: Cruisin' (Live Edit)

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Voyage - Home World, Le Tresor Interdit

Link to the original soundtrack:

Voyage - Home World:

Le Tresor Interdit:

Your comments about the mix: I'm long overdue with this one :)

I submitted the original to this somewhere in the summer of 2011 and already resubmitted it once. Somewhere around March this year, I had the idea of re-doing the track with live instruments, so I recorded some guitars and bass and I liked the way it sounded. I added some audience noises for fun, I haven't seen that done in other OCR songs so I hope it's okay xD. I also replaced the lead synth with an accordion because the accordion is the most awesome instrument ever.

Credits for the audience samples go to users makosan and acclivity from freesound.org

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Besides the accordion being a touch too quiet for my tastes, this is a huge improvement. The vibe is good, the transitions between themes remains solid, and the opening is a lot nicer. I think the filtered arpeggio was pushed a touch hard but still sounds good, and overall the sounds felt good to me. The crowd noise was just on the edge of being too much, but as is, added a bit, as did the plugging in noises at the beginning.

This is much better and i'm going to yes it. :-)


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Crowd noise is a bit too loud and dry. The kick is a bit heavy and has a bit too much click for a soft rock track. The bass is a little bit indistinct/muddy, it could be tightened up and have some low-mids removed, that would give the track a bit more headroom and let the rest of the instrumentation breathe a little better.

Other than that, nice performances. The guitar and accordion go together surprisingly well. The snare, hats and crashes sound really good. Source use is fine, super arrangement, you've combined both themes very seamlessly, including adapting both sources to the same key, and adapting one of the sources from 6/8 to 4/4. Nice work.

This is a borderline yes due to the kick and bass issues, but still yets my


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Ooh, cool concept here. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is the track where I told Ivan I'd try to record an MC part introducing the band. It.... didn't turn out good, but I didn't get back to him about that, so here's my public apology for that :).

Love the interplay betwen the accordion and guitar.

Aforementioned kick is definitely too clicky without much body. I think the kit could use a touch of reverb to sit better with the other elements.

I'm not quite on board with the crowd sounds like the clapping at 2:04 and at the end, but I can understand that it's part of the concept of the mix.

Nice delayed guitar work here. I hear what Kristina's saying about the bass being indistinct, but I felt the tone suited the style and concept well. Great writing from Ivan here with all the elements really working cohesively and definitely achieving something better than the sum of its parts.

Just a note: since it's intended as a "live" performance, I found it a bit odd that the drums are so cleanly panned in the soundscape. Yeah I know, picky picky.

Nice work, dude.


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There's a looseness to the timing in the performance here that I really dig. It's really gives the piece a very organic feel. Really upbeat, fun arrangement. The combination of both sources is seamless and really works so well. I love Le Tresor Interdit so kudos on working that into the track.

Live stuff is gimmicky. What did you do, play this in a real English pub? ;)

Feel like this would be a great song for OCU to adapt, honestly. :)


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