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OCR02824 - Street Fighter II & IV 'Sonic Boom (American Mix)'

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Honestly, I've always liked "Indestructible" more than other people seem to. That little add-in of it does make this sound more like a seasoned Guile from SFIV rather than SF2, and of course Guile's theme has been getting some great ReMixes, with Neblix adding another one. Yes, as the judges pointed out, there may be a few things here and there to pick at, but all in all, this is a terrific addition to the Apex album and shows Neblix's talents well. Sweet stuff, man.

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Not a bad track. There were some spots where I felt that the piano was unnecessary, like when it played parts of the main melody alongside the guitar. But when the piano goes into solo mode, it works. This is a decent remix. Seems slightly slower than the original track itself.

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