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OCR02837 - Final Fantasy X 'Al Bhed Ec Faent'

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Wow, this is awesome. "Oui Are Al Bhed" is a very calm and laid back piece, while this track's energy just grabs your attention immediately. As someone who actually enjoys dissecting arrangements and understanding the connections with the source tune, I liked the main verses where one part of the melody was the lead, while another part was on countermelody; great use of those melodies in tandem.

At only 2:41-long, this one's short, sweet, and upbeat. I could loop this all day and have a smile on my face, and I think it's not unfair to assume Uematsu might smile too if he heard this take on his original. Nice work, Dustin! :-)

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For a remix that is meant to be a tribute to Final Fantasy X’s incarnation of Cid, this is a very fun remix. Smooth, almost 80s pop-dance like, and definitely a jam to listen to when traveling, or if you just want to have fun at your work. It’s short, but with the way it’s produced, 2:41 is about the right amount of length for something like this. Doesn’t get old, nor does it try to do more than it needs to.

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