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Wi-Fi support for Wii and NDS shutting down May 20


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See the full story here:


Essentially, no more NDS Pokemon global features, and no more Mario Kart global multiplayer on either system. Importantly for some, the Professor Layton downloadable puzzles will no longer be downloadable, so get them now.

Full list of titles here:


This feels about one year too early for the shutdown IMO, especially since the Smash successor is yet to be released. Thoughts?

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crap. someone got to this before me.

this honestly was a tiny bit heartbreaking.

Mario Kart Wii was the only game worth playing online on the Wii, because it actually worked.

what's more, it was actually a buttload of fun.

I think it's a bit too early. they probably could've gone one more year. the first seriously wi-fi heavy games started releasing in 2008, which was about 6 years ago. I think they could've gone for at least one more year. it would've been nice if it all could've lasted 10 years, but by the 10 year mark, maybe no one would be using it anymore and the price to keep it going would just be too high or maybe just an annoyance.

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Trying to figure out how this affects Dragon Quest IX. Obviously a lot of the post-game downloadable stuff would be walled off, but wouldn't proto-Street Passing and playing locally with nearby friends still work fine? Since that stuff didn't actually require Nintendo's servers to function.

Also, I guess Project M can ditch the Wi-Fi Safe releases. XD

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