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Once when a friend of mine was messing with the time in the Gamecube Animal Crossing, it glitched and went forward a thousand years.

Seriously. Needless to say, every square had a weed.

I don't mess with the time of my DS for Animal Crossing.

I figured messing around with the time/date in the GC Animal Crossing would cause it to glitch because it keeps track of the days played. Since Wild World doesn't do that, you can time travel and the only damage done would be weeds, cockroaches and angry neighbors.

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It seems like a lot of people get it just for the L'arc song and I don't understand why. It's not even one of their good ones. :(

Anyway, people see Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte and automatically assume the rest is tweenie trash, but they don't notice it also has great bands like Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Queen, Davie Bowie, Jackson Five, Earth Wind and Fire, friggin' JAMIROQUAI, etc.

This is gonna be awesome. But hey if you wanna deprive yourself so you can be a snob, that's all well and good with me.

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Case in point.

BTW, where did you find that tracklisting, Bahamut? I somehow doubt Nightwish and Stratovarius were in Ouendan...

We'll, it was mentioned in a comment in that GAF article. Looking on Wikipedia though, looks like that's wrong. Can't say I know much about the Japanese songs. I hadn't even heard of the game until this raging discussion came up here actually :lol: . I guess I will probably pick up the U. S. version then sometime in the future (i. e. when I have some free money). The U. S. version does seem to have some good stuff at least.

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Meh, I guess its up to the recording labels...

And my very queer yet private side kinda likes Avril Lavigne.

OCR suffers from music elitism. As soon as something seems to target a different crowd, people here roll their eyes.

Take Linkin Park. I would not buy a CD, but still, I don't hate their music. Heck, some I like to hear on the radio because it changes from hearing the same pop songs over and over. However saying that would brand me as an emo goth wannabe loser.

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