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OC ReMix @ MomoCon 2014!

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Friday, May 23 to Sunday, May 25

Hilton Atlanta, Altanta, GA


We're heading out to the Peach State! Larry claims it's awesome, but we won't believe him until after we visit for ourselves.


OC ReMix: Video Game Music Community of Multi-Faceted Awesomeness

Ring 3, Salon D/E

Saturday, May 24th, 1PM


  • Liontamer
  • DarkeSword
  • Bahamut
  • Arrow


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OverClocked ReMix: Hugging & Cuddling Video Game Music Since 1999!

Georgia is a bit too far off for me mid-year at least for MAGFest I've got cash to burn

I want to ask, who votes for the panel titles? Can we pick something less embarrassing, maybe something that represents or at least doesn't misrepresent the community more? You guys are making us sound like vgm furries or something.

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i love cuddling :)

edit: so yeah, i'm not exactly sure if i'm going to make it to this now D:

basically i'm out of atlanta at the moment because of some personal stuff i'd like not to share, but i don't think i'll be back in time for momocon and that's going to really suck.

even if i do get back to atlanta at this point, i'm not exactly sure if i can cover the at door entrance fee. makes me wish i planned this earlier.

i'm sorry y'all, if i can make it ill post back but at the moment its up in the air.

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