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Master Mi

1. work-in-progress Lufia 2 - Tyrant Breaker (Master Mi Remix)

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4 minutes ago, Master Mi said:

I'm still unsure if I add some drums in this melodic section of the preview - but I feel that this part without drums and with lots of melodic synths and VSTIs instead has its own charme somehow.

I feel like it could work if you either added some high hat open/close fills. Alternatively, you could bring in some marching-styled percussion towards the end as you build up towards another heavy section.

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Thanks. ))

I've already thought about some calm reverberating cymbal sounds at this point or some slow orchestral/industrial bass drum or snare percussion - but I'm not quite sure about this.
Maybe a drum-free, mystically melodic part isn't that bad at all - but I'll try some percussion stuff before.

One more question - what do you think about the rock/metal part from the beginning of this video until 0:30?
Is there a bit too much hall or interference in the lower section and should it be a more dry, thick 'n tight or is it okay according to your ears and studio technology?


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