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OCRA-0049 - Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary

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It was an honor to work on this amazing musical tribute to the Game Boy with some of the greatest remixers I'll ever know. Chernabogue is also a great friend, a very nice guy, and proved to be an invaluable director as he helped organize the album. This album brings back a lot of great memories -- I hope you will find it to be a fitting tribute to the Game Boy, several great games, and the legacy of Gunpei Yokoi.

- Brandon Strader

The Game Boy was the very first video game system I ever got, and I had to share the only one at home with my little brother. Even if I never got a lot of different games, it was one of my first video game experiences. Directing an album is always an interesting and somewhat difficult task, especially on a short deadline. But the dedication of Brandon and of all the artists involved in the project made it possible. I sincerely hope people will enjoy this album as much as I enjoyed co-directing it.

- Alexandre Mourey (Chernabogue)

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Is it too late to take all credit now? Because I'd love to. ;-)

I'm glad the project ended up in the right hands. I honestly think that you guys did a better job than I would have been able to. Thanks for keeping it alive and thanks even more for completing it during this last year.

Thanks to you and Willrock for starting it and then allowing me/Chernabogue to take it over. :-) It wouldn't have existed at all without you guys!

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Whoa, lots of underrepresented games. Well, they're represented now. :)

Kaikuluotain (Batman) has nice drive. >:3 I feel a little Rockman in there too, somewhere. *-) 1:45 is great. :D

Taken (DK). Oh that cowardly ape. c: My favourite section is the xylophone at 2:17.

Whip This Beat (Castlevania II). It really does feel like stage music. Except for that adorable robot. Or maybe because of it. XD

Duel in the Desert (Yu-Gi-Oh). Good use of tension at the start. Perfect desert theme. That woodwind at 1:03! <3

Super Sand Legend (Dragon Ball Z). Reminds me of SFA: Fossil Oasis. >:3

Dreamboy (Smurfs' Nightmare). They made a game about giving smurfs nightmares? o_O Wow, that is messed! The whistle from 2:42 could be from Phendrana Drifts. Nice. :D

Alien Territory (SolarStriker). The sound from 1:07 to 2:00 is terrific! Such neat background sound. :3 The melody from 2:01 to 2:45 is really cool, especially the pick up at 2:24.

Technomagmar (P: Red). Sheeeh, this could from Road Rash: metal edition. >:3 The melodies are great and it changes up a lot.

Gift of the MAGI (FFL II). Invokes the 90s. c: Ooh that synth woodwind is so nice. :D

... Keen! :D

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Just looking at the cover of this album takes me back to the days of carrying that old brick around, especially when it was my entertainment when being driven around somewhere at night, with the added light attachment you had to rig onto there. Kids these days really don't know how good they've got it. I think a lot of my Game Boy memories are like that and so I don't remember a lot of the music even for the games on this album that I did get to play. The soundtrack was really whatever my parents had on the radio. Fun to listen to some tracks that seem new to me - oh, and the remix of Tetris, a game whose music I do remember well, is a banger. Cheers to all who were involved.

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