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OCR00423 - Super Metroid "Darkstar"

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Like djp, I too love the sparkly and transporting intro and outro - they give the mix a lasting impression of being ethereal, sort of like the floating pollen/seeds in Brinstar. From an arrangement viewpoint, I can appreciate how certain elements from the source are brought out more fully, e.g. the 3-note arpeggio at 1:08 and the decisive notations at 1:22, which pump up the mood and guide us along. (Listen to Brinstar - Plant Overgrowth Area and you'll hear those same parts kinda faded/buried in the background.) Love the breakdown, too - the arpeggio from before shows up in a teasingly gentler light.

Classic stuff. I still listen to this regularly.

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A nice gentle intro leads into a nice chilled out beat that is unfortunately a bit spoiled by the hi-hat and snare coming in hard. Luckily the percussion is pushed a bit more into the background when the main melody comes in, though the snare fill still distracts when it hits. The pads and textures flesh out this track nicely and lead choice compliments them nicely, it's just shame the drums are a bit of a distraction.

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