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Shadow of the Colossus [UPDATE: 7/16]


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This sounds really awesome IMO.

Only a few things that I noticed on top of what avaris said:

At the part around 3:00, the vocals started kinda strong, but then they sounded like they were fighting for the top with the instruments and kinda messed with the feeling. I would either turn up the vocals or down on the instruments.

I'll keep it playin the next few days and see if I hear anything else.

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Woah another Shadow of the Colossus remix?!

How far back had this fallen in the fourms?!!

You got a copy?! Damn!! When might this be released?!

As for the latest update.... I think it sounds great!

I can really hear the source tune in it... great job playing it by ear!

As I have said in numerious other topics... the bass sounds shallow but that is ONLY beacuse my speakers' bass are blown out. Becasue of that I cant totally critique the entire track save for downloading this WIP putting it the disc and hearing it on either my main stereo or in the car.

The womans voice is very enchanting... It's great.

I ALMOST wonder how a male vocal would sound behind her's (very lightly so not to compete and maybe unnoticable as another vocal... like a background... maybe a bit of a delay from hers)... I think of this only becasue of Dorman (sp?). It probably wouldnt sound too good but I couldnt help but think of that.

Anyways It sounds great so I hope to get a copy also ;)

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