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OCR01485 - Secret of Mana "Dueling Consoles"

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I never commented on this? I remember when this mix was originally posted. Instant awesomeness, it made me seek out the other chiptunes too. My favorite of the trio of chiptunes is the Terra one to be honest, but this one is a close second. Definitely captures the chaos in the original song.

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This mix MAGNIFIES the expressive potential of every part of Danger, so naturally there's lots to appreciate here. For me, that includes:

0:48 - Fitting spot to express tension between the NES and Genesis - they meet and are working together, but don't fully trust each other yet.

1:52-4 - The whole ritardando note descent is neat, but the tail end is full of suspense the way it slowly rises back up...

1:59 onward - Not only is the fusion dance complete, the main melody is now bent on fully exploring its body like it's blasted through puberty at terminal velocity.

3:32 - Unconventional time sigs are fun, here helped by the smoothly gliding lead.

4:26 - By this point, the mix is reaching beyond the cosmos, finding sublime meaning in things we humans can't begin to comprehend.

When it's all over, I'm left satisfied and out of breath. Makes sense, since others have said this is like sex/an orgasm/a drug trip.

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