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'Mystical Ninja 64 Remix Album' on hiatus


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Welcome to the “Mystical Ninja starring Goemon” remix album Project thread!

Project Director/s : Mikeaudio


The Vision

The Ganbare Goemon series have always had extremely beautiful, catchy, and groovy soundtracks. I want to be able to capture the soul and feel of the music from “Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon” for the N64 with every remix, while still being able to add the styles of other remixers. Because this will be the first Ganbare Goemon remix album, I want to make this a bang and instead of doing the obvious or popular types of remixes, I want to try to show another side of what the remixers here at Overclocked can do. I know that usually most remix album projects are prone to taking years to finishing, but I want to try to breeze through this as quick as possible without being hard on anyone's schedule. So I am going to be running a tight shift, but that is not synonymous with being a prick, I promise :). Because I am aiming for quicker progress with this album, I am totally willing to help out anyone with remix concepts, music theory questions, arrangement issues, or even helping you if you find yourself at a writers block moment. It doesn't have to be me that helps you, if you would rather have another remixer on this project assist you and they are free for time, I am totally OK with it, just run it by me. I really want everyone involved to feel like they are on a team, and not stuck to their own devices (unless you want to be). I want to make the process of this album as comfortable and fun for everyone as I can, so I am open to suggestions :).


Sketch artists, painters, graphic artists, photoshop gimp gurus, any artists around are welcome to contact me about trying out for the project. The sooner the better. If you are interested, send me a PM ASAP :)

The Genre

The original soundtrack is full of traditional Japanese styled music, funk, jazz-fusion, anime style music, and some rock. I want to encourage people to try their own thing and to be experimental, but to also keep in mind the source feel e.g traditional Japanese, funk, fusion etc. Some tracks I would allow even more arrangement freedom, since the soundtrack is very diverse. Just let me know if you are taking a track that needs a more diverse approach. I will do my best as a director to provide the feedback needed for everyone, so please feel free to contact me.


This album project is open to the public. To claim a track, send me a PM with your ideas for the mix, and then have a solid work in progress for me to hear. (If you were invited, don't worry about this process, I already know you have the skill to do it)

Some Final Thoughts

I want this remix album to have a sense of continuity in the mixing and mastering perspective of things. So I want everyone to produce and mix their music at low levels, perhaps -8 db (on the master fader). When you have finished your remix and are ready to turn it in, do not master it or turn the mix up as I want every track to have continuity within the mastering department. Its kind of like how when you listen to your favorite artist album, or your favorite rock band albums, where everything sounds consistent audio mix wise...that's what I'm aiming for. I want to be able to produce that effect for this remix album. Whether that is me who is mastering the tracks or another remixer, that remains to be seen (we will cross that bridge when we get there). But I do want to take into account that the mix being mastered is your mix and I don't want to disrespect that, so you will get to hear where your mix is going master wise, as well as voice your concerns (within reason) with the masters and such. If anyone is confused by this, send me a PM and I will explain further.

I will post the sources in a separate post, so please don't comment until you see the source list posted.

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Source List

This soundtrack is immense and there are so many good songs. So in trying to keep the album more doable I have organized these tracks by priority by tier. Underlined titles in the 1st tier indicate greater priority.

Tier 1 are all a must, though there are a few tracks that recycle melodies. I will mark them by color.

Tier 2 are only for when all of Tier 1 are taken and are well in progress.


1st Tier

1. Theme of Mystical Ninja - Source

2. Odeo Town Start -

3. Kai Highway - (Claimed by Theory of N)

4. Odeo Town -

5. Transformed Odeo Castle -

6. Theme of the Flake Gang Weirdos -

7. King Robot CONGO -

8. Theme of Omitsu -

9. I am Impact! (Claimed by electric concerto)- Source

10. Wartime Kabuki Robot KASHIWAGI -

11. Theme of Secret Ninja Yae -

12. Zazen Town -

13. Control Machine -

14. Theme of the son of the Dragon god, Koryuta -

15. Folkypoke Villiage Deserted -

16. Ghost Toys Castle (Claimed by Mikeaudio) -

17. The Surrender Robot DHARUMANYO (Claimed by Malcos) -

18. Theme of Dancin and Lily -

19. Theme of Mechanical Ninja Sasuke -

20. Festival Temple Castle (Claimed by timaeus222) -

21. Festival Village -

22. Gourmet Submarine Castle -

23. Gorgeous Musical Castle -

24. Gorgeous Musical Castle 2 (Claimed by SBeast) -

25. The Great Peach Mountain Battleship BALBERRA -

26. The Fairy of Love and Dreams D'ETOILE -

27. End Credits -

2nd Tier

1. Yamato -

2. Turtle Stone Bamboo -

3. Sanuki Kompira Mountain -

4. Shuhodo -

5. Bizen Kurashiki -

6. Izumo Lake with a Large Tree -

7. Kyushu disappears in Outer Space -

8. Mutsu Mt. Fear -

9. Japan sea underwater -


Black - Unclaimed

Red - Claimed track

Red Bold - Claimed track with solid WIP

Green - Substantial WIP

Blue - Near completion

Bold Indigo - Finished

Edited by Mikeaudio
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Awesome idea! Right now I owe too many stuff to sign up but I'll be checking. I love this soundtrack.

No problem! I know that even though the Ganbare Goemon series has beautiful music, it is a bit less popular. So I'm pretty determined with this thread, and therefore it will be here for awhile :).

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The first check in date for WIP's is July 5th to everyone. I'm not looking for enormous progress, but I am hoping that everyone has at least a solid enough WIP from the beginning of the mix to the end. It is no problem if the mix goes through changes after that. I am also sorry for the delay in this post, I have had some unfortunate situations happen recently and totally forgot that I did not post this yet. Anyhow, I am excited to hear what you guys will have :).

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