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The reharmonizations on the B section are really cool. I loved the classic fusion vibe in the first 1:50 of the arrangement. Was not expecting it to get as heavy as it did afterward, but I think I liked that, too, once I was able to catch up. All the transitions are really sick, in fact. I'm a big fan of how the title screen theme was incorporated as a sort of coda.


Side note, very impressed with the video work on this one, too. It's a fun little narrative. Nice change of pace from the usual 4-guys-in-a-studio look.

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@Skyline: Thank you! We're really happy with how it turned out, but it took a LOT of work. We're going to put these out in between a couple of of 4-sweaty-guys-in-a-room look.


@Hayeser: I can NEVER get enough keys. EVER.


@Flex: Thanks dude! You and the rest of our Patreon patrons really made this possible, both financially AND psychologically.


Thank you everybody! Stay tuned for much much more!

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