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Shnabubula VGMCAST Vol. 1 - 14 New Piano Covers

Sam Ascher-Weiss

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Isolated Warrior - Ending 
Jaga Jazzist - One Armed Bandit 
Link's Awakening - Tall Tall Heights 
Project Diva F - Negaposi Continues 
Nier Geshtalt - Wretched Automatons 
Super Mario RPG - Beware the Forest Mushrooms
Bloody Roar 3 - Mystery Relics 
E.V.O. - Birthplace of all Life 
Gimmick! - World Map and Good Weather 
FFXIII - Dust to Dust 
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky - Crystal Cave 
Silver Surfer - Stage 2 
FalseSTOP! - Mellow Caverns 
Fantastic Star-Friend - ...I can come with you?! 

All of the songs here were performed live on stream atwww.hitbox.tv/shnabubula, you can watch the full performance here:www.youtube.com/watch?v=25ubGHRTrK0 
These 14 Songs were all requested 2 days before on the regular weekly stream held every Friday from 12 PM to 8:30 PM EST (GMT -5). Part of the fun is learning all this material for the first time in front of a live audience watching me struggle and occasionally triumph, one tiny 5 second long portion of the "Bloody Roar 3" song took me more than a half hour to be able to play with any kind of consistency, but it all paid off in the end that Sunday. A good friend, Tadd Nuznov a.k.a. Rushjet1 (rushjet1.bandcamp.com) managed to save FLACs of each of the individual songs played and since I hadn't expected them to come out so well, I didn't properly prepare. 
In the future, all Sunday streams will be recorded via direct audio to my computer, unfortunately, since that was not the case this time, the audio is not as good quality as I would have liked, but it's pretty good and definitely better here than on either the hitbox or youtube versions. 
Anyway, I'm very happy with my playing on these recordings and I hope you all enjoy. Special Thanks to everybody who made it to either stream, can't wait to see you all again on Friday/Sunday coming up.


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1. Welcome 
2. Starsky and Hutch - Track 10 
3. Ragnarok Online - Hybridism - Higher than the Sun 
4. Chrono Trigger - Boss Battle 1 
5. Secret of Evermore - Freak Show 
6. Pokemon Black & White 2 - Colress Battle 
7. Outro/Finale 06:47


Last Friday I was unable to complete the normal 8 hour stream due to some unavoidable life circumstances. Everybody was really understanding and supportive and I wanted to make sure the 3 people who got requests in during the brief Friday stream would get to hear their songs performed, so I did a make up stream the following Wednesday, picked 2 songs my self to round out the set and improvised an intro and outro. 
I really enjoyed this format as it gave me a chance to embellish each of the individual songs a bit more and it's something I might do in the future on occasion for contrast with the typical sunday 10+ song set. 
You can see the full performance video here: 




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I'm really happy with how this one came out, definitely my favorite so far. Tracklist is as follows:


1. Sonic 3D - Green Grove Zone Act 1 05:01
2. Birdy the Mighty - Side Tsutomu 05:36
3. Igorrr - Infinite Loop 04:51
4. Undefined Fantastic Object - Nazrin's Theme 04:00
5. Panzer Dragoon Saga - Mutation 04:42
6. Dragon's Dogma - Imminent Triumph 05:34
7. Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall in Love 04:14
8. Disasterpeace - Three 08:15
9. Dragon Quest VII - Memories of a Lost World 05:37
10. Threads of Fate - Rasdan 06:20
11. SubPixel - Outage with Candles 07:13
12. Bluesology 05:16
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Very much looking forward to tonight's request/learning stream. (Around noon for US-ers).

It's been very enlightening, entertaining and inspiring to watch (and hear, of course) Sam work through the requests. Some are simpler tunes, others are fiendishly complex. As an arranger, it's fascinating to watch someone (and someone very skilled) work through figuring out the piece by ear. I definitely hope to pick up something from there.

Another aspect is that the request tend a bit away from the most known VGM tunes, so I've discovered a lot of great music I didn't know before.

And finally, of course, the performance on Sundays with the finished arrangements is quite a joy to listen to, even more so live. The arrangements are good (it's always great to hear Shnabubula put his own spin on things), they playing is good, and the live setting adds excitement. Since the Sunday show is a bit harder for me to catch I very much appreciate the recordings!

edit: So if it wasn't clear I highly recommend catching the streams and checking out the recordings.

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Alright, The Longest one so far, I felt really good about these performances today, here's the tracklist for Vol. 5:


1. Super Mario Kart - Credits 03:45
2. Carl Åborg - Dreamplay 06:24
3. Donkey Kong 64 - K.Rool Battle 07:08
4. Atelier Escha & Logy - A Road Full of Unknown 04:59
5. LaTale - Bifrost 05:17
6. Treasure Master - Worlds 3 & 5 [Microchip] 06:36
7. The Secret Garden - First Time Outside 04:04
8. Borne in Blood - Airborne Assault 04:46
9. Live-A-Live - Demon King's Prelude 04:59
10. Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict - Frontline 06:19
11. Shenmue - Sedge Tree 05:43
12. Rustie - Hover Traps 04:20
13. Tigran Hamasyan - Song for Melan and Rafik 09:12
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