celtic Celtic Video Game Remix album~various Games RECRUTING

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Celtic Video Game Remix album(stage one) Celtic Video Game Remix album~various Games:

  1.  The Dragonborn Comes(Elder Scrolls)
  2. Sons of Skyrim(Elder Scrolls)
  3. Temple of the Moon(WoW)
  4. Lament of the Highborne (WoW)
  5. To Zanarkand(FFX)
  6. Suteki Da Ne(FFX)
  7. Dire Dire Docks(Mario 64)
  8. Rainbow Road(Mario Kart Series)
  9. Metroid Prime Credits(Metroid Prime) 
  10. Gerudo Valley(Zelda 64)
  11. Hills of Radiant Winds(NieR)
  12.  LeChuck's Theme(Monkey Island)
  13. Aveh, Ancient Dance(Xenogears)
  14. Small two of Pieces(Xenogears)
  15. Into The Wilderness(Wild Arms)
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