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Radical Dreamers: Thieves of Fate - History

Geoffrey Taucer

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well, since the 27th or 28th, i haven't seen a single update from anyone. so, here's the next wip due date.


everyone needs an update between now and then. and sleepy emp needs a wip by then.

this is kind of an important WIP date because i'd like to start getting finished tracks in by the time that this rolls around. GT and Kmet's submission, for example, is almost done, and i think that it could be finished by this date. ellywu2's is another that could be done.

thanks for all your hard work!

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Hey, I hope the RD project is going well!

I just wanted to let you know that I think I'mma have to step down from doing the project. I was kind of skeptical about it from the first, but I now know that I really have no time anymore. So, I hope you guys find somebody to fill my spot (might I suggest CPacaud--hopefully his schedule is a bit freer than mine)!

Anyway, good luck! If you need me for a synth/piano solo or something, I can still totally do that as it'd go pretty quickly, but I just don't have the time anymore to do much free stuff.

Hope everything goes well!



i just pm'd CPacaud. we'll see what he has to say.

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since we've last posted, we've added two new mixers - tweek (his track is already almost done, and on the forums) and avaris (who's taken a track and already has it halfway done. i just don't remember what it is). just fyi.

keep working on your wips! we're starting to turn the corner in terms of music being done - there's a lot of tracks that are almost completed! keep it up!

taucer, update the front page, please.

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Just wanted to say...

Haven't thought about this project in around 3 months.

well, it'd be appreciated if you did.

Not to be a dick about it, but I put over a hundred hours on my last paycheck. I come home and sleep. I missed the last CMC, PRC, and I'm trying to put a secret project of my own together. For collabs; Sir Nuts asked for me earlier this week, as well as a million things on the backburner... then I already said I was interested in the SMRPG remix project, the DKC2 (when it arrives) project, and I'm helping to finish off the Link's Awakening Project... and I actually HAVE something for that one.

If I can collab I can collab... but I believe my statement from the start, to Drum primarily I believe, was that I would gladly provide guitar recording(s) if someone wrote music for me.

I'm here, but contributing isn't a high priority. That's all.


I think I really just wanted to vent. I probably shouldn't post thi-

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