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Work In Progress: Megaman 2 Wily Castle, "Acoustic"

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Well, i've been really busy with a lot of work so i still dont have the time to finish this remix. I've been progressing slow, but progressing anyways. This is what i have so far. Hope you like it!

I have not had much time to work
I have not had much time to work


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I like the acoustic vibe as well.

Even though your arrangement is very similar to the original, the songs has a very different feeling to it.

And it's always great to hear some actual instruments instead of samples all the time :)

Love the harmonies at 1:30.


Some pointers:


Most importantly: the timing of the guitars is sometimes a bit off, maybe you can tighten it up a bit? 

Guitars (especially in the beginning) is a bit bright, could use some eq. They are also loud compared to the drums (however the cymbals are loud).

I don't like the kick; it's a bit muffled.


I do hope you'll continue with this piece!

Best of luck.

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The acoustics seem to have a little too much air/presence. How are you recording them? They're played well, but the way they were captured is a little harsh. You could try some notching and maybe a LPF to fix it.

I think the drums don't fit the theme well. If you want that arena rock sound, the samples you're using don't quite work out, especially the snare and crashes. I personally think you'd be better with a jazzier/dryer kit and maybe using side stick on the snare as opposed to head/rimshots.

This one is a personal gripe, and I know it's petty, but the fret noises kill my ears. You can probably use automation to reduce them, but they're always distracting to me.

Keep it up, man! :)

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Ooo, I'm liking where you're taking this. Calm, but fairly potent. I'll add a quick note and say the high string in the arpeggio portion that plays throughout sounds a little flat. Be sure everything is tuned pretty tight with one another, rather than use a tuner for each note, if that's what you use.

Otherwise, I like it. :)

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