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Hey everybody! We just finished a video of our newest cover from Sonic and would love to hear your guys thoughts! This is an arrangement I made that was heavily influenced by this very strange album from MACINTOSH PLUS (here: https://beerontherug.bandcamp.com/album/floral-shoppe), as well as some timba music I was listening to at the time. Enjoy!

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Whoah, very nice vid!

Great musicianship and a very nice, original arrangement.. what can I say, this is great.


Sound is good, but if I may nitpick a bit:

Mic'ing/recording a drum kit is an art form in its self, and you did a pretty good job.

However the mix sounds a little bit muffled to me, it needs some more "air".. the kick is a bit wooly. 


Checking out your channel now.. 

Keep it up!

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When the tempo slowed and the sax started (repeated partially in the outro) I thought for sure Ballad of the Windfish was going to make an appearance.

Not the type of music I listen to, however still an impressive performance and arrangement. Mixing sounded great (though I'm inclined to agree with Impluo about the kick drum) and the playing sounded very professional. Plus you guys looked like you were really getting into it during the video. Awesome stuff.

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Thanks, all!


THe drum mixing situation was kind of a mess for a myriad of reasons, one of which was that the overheads were off for the whole session and we had to use the camera audio (oh god) and it made all of the drums sounds a bit...unique. Do you hear the same stuff with other videos, because we may have used a different kick drum placement on that session and I'm curious if it was that or maybe just in the mixing.


Also, I bet our sax player will get a kick out of the Windfish comment. That's totally his jam!

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