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*NO* Fable 'The Spark of Bluetane'

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ReMixer name: Abixvatoz

real name: T.K. Laszev

email right back here: 

userid: 54007


Name of Game Arranged: Fable - [Xbox]

Name of Original Track: Temple of Light - [Russel Shaw]

Title of My Remix: The Spark of Bluetane (Live - Illuminated House Mix)

Additional information: original composer Russel Shaw. original Xbox system.



I'm not a community person at all, and I mostly make entirely original arrangements. However, I'm pretty sure you guys don't have any Fable remixes yet, so here's this thing that I,uhh, am.. passionate about. Enjoy, take it, or pass on it, whatever. In any case, I am so totally done with this piece. It is one of my weird "Live" mixes - don't ask, it's just sort of a quirky way I produce music. There turned out to be a couple of minor unavoidable pops at around 30 seconds? It goes away quickly. Like I said, I can't (or won't) fix it - way, *way* too much work, maybe just for the fact that I'm producing out of my cheap n crappy bedroom "studio". I don't know.


P.S. I find your submission policy very particular, and overwhelmingly detailed (perhaps understandably) - but I almost fully expect that my submission will not be accepted, for whatever reason... at least, maybe not "this time", because, maybe, you guys might want a possible re-submission with tweaks or edits? But this is why I repeat: I will not be re-submitting. This is absolutely the final version of this piece that I'm doing, and I don't care if that means this submission is not accepted.


Have a nice day.. (oh, wait, happy holidays too.. I guess? haa I don't even know what time of year it is, I'll be missin you guys at magfest, which I hope to eventually come back and super smash jam live at.. lol alright I'm done),

~T. Laszev


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That's a pretty passive-aggressive writeup.  Ok, so this one or nothing.  Noted.


I really like this source, and I love the concept of this remix.  I have a few issues.  I'm not sure I like the total silence from 0:45-0:47, and in the section from 0:56-1:03 the clap falls on beat #1 which feels weird.  There are more areas of total silence between musical thoughts which I find breaks the flow.  The claps on beat #1 happen again at 2:34.  The writing feels disjointed at times and I can't always keep track of the source as I listen, the writing moves away from identifiable source quite frequently.  There is a lot of cool stuff happening in this mix, good sounds and ideas, but overall I feel like it ends up being too simplistic and disjointed, and it is repetitive as well, and I can't see it as an official OC ReMix in it's current state.



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I see what Kris is saying about the silence kinda breaking up the mix a bit awkwardly. I do agree that a bit of the energy is lost in those silences. I'm also going to agree that the track overall feels a bit repetitive, due to the nature of the arpeggio that is holding the track together. My big issue is that the track overall feels like it's stuck trying to build into something, but it doesn't seem to really get established until 4 minutes into the track. That's a pretty long build, and part of it is due to the silences 'resetting' the build. It feels very ambient, and there's a lot of cool sound structures, and when the groove does finally really kick in it's a fun listen, it just takes a long time to get there. 


The drums are also pretty repetitive when they are used. I'm also a little suspect that a lot of the track is relying on the chord structure of the source for a lot of the connection. There's not much melody to work with, but I wonder that this doesn't stray a little far sometimes.


Gonna have to say no to this one, sorry. I did enjoy the listen, and when things got going there was promise, but it's not there yet. Hope you submit more in the future, since you aren't going to look at this one again.



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Some nice grooves and a decent soundscape, but I think there is a little too much material before the track really comes together. The other judges have some good advice on things to do to get your next submission on the site, should you choose to follow that route!



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Just noting, I don't have a problem with an artist mentioning they won't revise a track, and neither should anyone else; that's their prerogative. Artists should keep in mine though that, it doesn't change the outcome of whether we'd pass something or not. Whether an artist is just "done" in their mind with a track or the source file became corrupted and edits aren't possible, all we can do as judges is see what's in front of us and go from there.

Opening bubbly synths were cool, though the saw synth first used at :12 was bland/vanilla.

Small thing, but I heard lots of soft clicks/pops through :23-:37 as well. Make sure to listen back to your renders just to sanity-check this stuff.

The energy of the piece isn't bad, but the groove was pretty thin when things picked up and the simplistic clap groove didn't fill out the background enough. Some tasteful, more consistent ambient padding could go a long way into not letting this piece feel so barren, and making the overall groove more varied and sophisticated would help also. Cool stuff so far, T.K., and I definitely hope we hear more from you.

NO (resubmit)

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