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OCR03302 - *YES* Mega Man 9 'Big Brute Force of Nature'


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Contact Information

Username: timaeus222
Name: Truong-Son Nguyen

ID: 39971

Submission Information

Game: Mega Man 9
ReMix Title: Big Brute Force of Nature

Consoles/Platforms: It's on the site

OST Composers: Also on the site

Sources: Thunder Tornado (http://youtube.com/watch?v=TELSbAMwUSQ) --- though I just recalled the source from memory so maybe you guys don't really need it =P

ReMix:  (VBR1)

"Well... I don't usually like to rework old music, but I guess in a way, I kinda did, this time. :) I had an old Tornado Man ReMix (called 'Whipping Up A Tornado', also in the style of D&B, still on the WIP forums) that I had basically given up on because I didn't properly use a compressor back then, and I was trying to do edits with it still on in the Master track---bad idea! That aside, I started completely over and did another ReMix of this source tune from scratch, taking influences from zircon and Lindsey Stirling (especially her "Shatter Me" album; do go check that out). Also, I guess you could possibly consider the ReMix title a little happily accidental tribute to the game show Chain Reaction (Big Brute, Brute Force, Force of Nature). 

Anyways, when I was initially working on this, I actually wanted to do something sorta like Dream Theater... but it didn't reeeeally turn out that way. It was still fun to write though, especially in the breakdown section in the middle. I'd say 2:16 is my favorite part, when I was riffing on the intro hook in the original; I found it rather catchy. In a sense this is kinda pop-y in structure, and I'm glad, because it led me to depend on differentiating what's already there while keeping a would-have-been-copy-pasted structure rather than simply writing something completely new to keep things changing. It was a fun experiment, and I think it melodically and harmonically takes the source in a new direction, even compared to the other Tornado Man remixes on the site. Also, many thanks to Nutritious for giving me some feedback that motivated me to take this to the next level. :D"
Extra Info:
...Nah, none to put here. This is fairly straightforward source usage (but not simple IMO), so no need for a breakdown this time. ;)
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This piece is surprisingly vibey and understated. The drums and bass are inherently energetic and powerful, but the synth patches are silky smooth throughout. It captures and holds my attention without shouting "LOOK AT ME!" like a lot of high-energy, uptempo electronica tends to do. Despite that, it's also very nuanced - lots of fun melodic variations and processing tricks keep this fresh without compromising the overall mood of the piece.


I wouldn't call this your strongest or most innovative piece, T, but it works great for what it is. Another one for the books!



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