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OCR03323 - *YES* Mega Man 8 'Aerobotics'


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So eighties! Dat bassline... I dug it, hopin' yall do, too.



Contact Info

ReMixer name: Just Coffee
Real name: Gian Descallar
Email Address: 
Website: n/a 
User ID: 54742
Submission Info
Game: Megaman 8
Arrangement Name: Aerobotics
My comments
This track was inspired by the cheesiness in 80s new wave pop, often associated in the late 90s as montage or workout tracks. Hence the name, which is a wordplay on "aerobics" and "robotics". As to why I thought robots would even need to do cardio, I have no idea. There's quite a bit of reverb going on because I wanted to get that "shiny(?)" aestheticism which I thought was key to the 80s. I might be wrong in that assumption but it was pretty fun doing this genre so I just went with it.
As this is my first submission to OCR, I hope I haven't broken any rules with the submission since I've already posted an early version of this track on soundcloud and shared it on the Workshop's Game Remixes forum. I've added minor tweaks to this version such as panning the rolls a bit and adjusting the reverb levels. I've attached a wav file in addition to the soundcloud link in case the it doesn't work.
If I need to do anything else or provide more info, please let me know.
I look forward to hearing valuable feedback!



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Really nice execution on your ideas here, it gels together really well. The opening bass filter and build sets up the tone for the whole song, which has a lot of great synth handoffs of what is doing lead duty. The rhythm of the backing parts subdivision keeps the track interesting throughout, and overall it is all clicking for me. Good showing!


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Genius. Absolutely love the sound. Toms are killer. Absolutely feels like a montage from an 80s high school movie about a robotics club at Doctor Light High School getting ready to take on their archrivals at Albert Wily Prep.

Gonna sign off on the arrangement here. Kris you wanna contact Coffee and see if we get get a fix on mastering?


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