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DING! Next platinum. Far Cry 3!

Oh, and for some reason it didn't sync one and only one trophy from inFAMOUS 2. My PS3 got reformatted when I sent it in for repairs so I can't get this trophy unless I start over. This is the absolute worst trophy to get too. What one is it? Get the evil ending. I'd rather get all the blast shards then do that one again. Grrrrr. Well, guess I'll do a speed run of it really quick to get that one.

EDIT: Just finished the speed run. Didn't do a single sidequest. The evil ending is just so sad. Anyway, that's 14 platinum trophies. Looking closely, I actually could get the Final Fantasy XIV one pretty easily. The only ones left that would cause trouble would be to fish 1000 times, and complete the Binding Coil of Bahamut. And considering I have a iLevel 90 White mage, and I have beaten turns 1-4 as well as completed all the extreme primals, turn 5 doesn't seem like it would be such a problem to finish. Especially now that there are higher tier weapons and armor out there. I already have all crafting classes maxed so all I would need to do is quick synth my way to all of the crafting trophys out there. Thing is though, that game really left a bad taste when I left so I don't think I would be returning to it ever.

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Just beat Journey. It was every bit as magical as I had hoped it would be.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It is my favorite game. I've never felt so strongly in or about a game as I did that one.

Got the Collector's Edition back in 2012. Finally got all Trophies for Flower a few weeks ago. Working on Flow.

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I liked doing it until I bought White Knight Chronicles 2 and Star Ocean 4. The things they ask are ridiculous. When I have my dream job of professional YouTube artist, I will play a lot more games than I do now. I don't know if I'll go back to trophy hunting though. I actually like making up my own crazy challenges.

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Oh my God. I just looked at my list of games to play and you know what? There are only 3 games left for me to play on PS3! Child of Light, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Beyond: Two Souls. I thought I had another 6 months of games to play.

Oh well, I'm currently going through Mass Effect 3 again. Here's the story on that one. I had 4 ME2 game saves ready for when ME3 would come out. But my PS3 got yellow of death at the end of 2012. I played through the game 2 more times and had both saves ready again. At that point, I was heavily into Final Fantasy XIV and the HDMI output broke on it. I was still able to play with the RGB cable but since it was still under warranty, Sony sent me a box to get it repaired. All they had to do was replace the HDMI part but instead they wiped the hard drive and I lost both of my saves again! So when I got ME3, I had to play through ME2 another time and just recently, I played through ME2 again for my second playthrough of ME3. I think that makes 8 times for ME2 just for these 2 particular sessions of ME3.

Sucks doesn't it? Anyway, after I'm done with Mass Effect, which of these 3 remaining games should I play first?

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DING!  Platinum trophy number 18.  God of War: Ascension


Well that's it guys, I am finally done collecting trophies at least for the PS3.  I only have one more game to play before I buy a PS4 which is Beyond: Two Souls.  It has been a great run and frankly, I enjoyed this console more than my PS1 and PS2. (Yes, I know that is a big shocker)  When I look at my library of PS2 games, there is not a single one that I want to go back and replay ever again.  Partially because I didn't enjoy them as much but also partly because the ones I did enjoy, I played so many times that I got my fill.  Looking back at my PS1 collection, my fondest gaming memories come from Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid.  I may have enjoyed them and a few others as much as games on the PS3 generation but there were fewer of them.  Whereas the games that floored me on the PS3 include such marvels as Infamous, MGS4, Child of Light, Flower, Journey, FF14(My God, the hundreds of hours spent there), Batman trilogy, Deus Ex, Mass Effect, Uncharted..... so many games that kept me replaying them over and over.


So here's to you Sony.  Here's to you and all the other third party developers that created such wonderful adventures to share with us.  I thank you and I look forward to when I get my next console from you.  Looking at my list, I already have 29 games that I'm going to be getting. (Some released and some not.)


If I may.... now that the PS3/Wii/X360 generation is over, how would you guys rate it?  What are some of your more fond memories?  I would be interested in reading them.

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