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  1. Good luck; they'll serve you a lawsuit just for listening to music in public. I'm not making this up. They tried suing someone for singing to herself because it constituted 'a live public performance'.
  2. You can see where I'm trying to go though, right? Something with a bit more more organization to it. As it is now, it's basically "Here's every song we have; figure out what you want for yourself."
  3. Would there be any sort of plan in future to create a secondary torrent that would break up the songs into their specific games, as it is here? That way, instead of having to pick through the better part of four thousand songs for the ones someone wants, they can just click a sub-folder for 'Secret of Mana' or whatever they're looking for.
  4. "This video has been removed for violating Youtube's terms of service." Wow; that was fast.
  5. Actually, it's quite simple to tell the difference - Coke has much stronger carbonation.
  6. Still, makes a guy wish there were more than effectively one OS to work with. The culprit is called 'Cache Killer.'
  7. I had a cache cleaner add-on, that was causing the problem. Hey, I can admit my mistakes.
  8. Well, he did say he was doing it primarily to get back into things, so I think he's just showing it for the sake of it.
  9. Chrome and Windows 7. You couldn't pay me enough to use 10 - It's like someone said to themselves: 'Hey, this touchscreen stuff kicks ass. I bet it'd make a nice OS for something that isn't.' I can mouse over them, but if I want to actually listen, I have to use the YouTube play button, which defeats the purpose..