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Pokémon: Forget Ultra Sun and Moon, Core Game for Switch Announced

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"it's the same thing each time" is just a crutch that idiots lean on when they want to criticize a thing but are too stupid to recognize anything reasonable worth criticizing

There's a new Global Mission out. https://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/information/48e2bb06-eb05-4a77-9044-6ebf157fff59 If we get 1 million island scans by the 9th, we all get 2017 Festival Coins (if

OK, working out a little thing with Liontamer for you poor bastards here that don't have access to... let's say... certain on-goings. Hope to have it running any day now!

So, I skipped the last Gamestop event because Gamestop, but I broke down and went this time because, hey, it's PokeGod.

Damn, I forgot that they put those fucking price stickers even on new games.  And they take the shrink wrap off first, so it's impossible to get the glue residue off the game case.  Seriously, why?  Normally I don't make a huge deal out of that sort of thing, but given that I can get a new game with the shrink wrap intact and no gunk on my case literally anywhere else for the exact same price, it just boggles my mind.

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They take the wrap off so they can take the disc/cartridge out, and keep the empty case on the shelf. It's mainly used as an anti-shop-lifting system. Everyone knows the cases are going to be empty, so the vast majority of thefts are immediately negated.

The second reason is that when you go to trade it back in, they have the option of "the case is damaged" to offer you lower amounts for it.

Third reason is the everyone from regional manger to CEO is an asshole.

I hope in the future, Nintendo just stops using cards and codes and just goes all-download. The majority of the 20th Anniversary pokémon are downloads, with only five of them being from a store. Even if you count the recent Volcanion event, that's still 7 to six that are downloads.

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I was told once when I went into a Gamestop that you don't get any more on a trade-in if you have the case compared to if you don't. So I don't think "case is damaged" would get you less when the case itself isn't even a deciding factor because odds are they'll just use one of their generic labeled ones for it anyways lol.


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I think it's more of a bullshit excuse than an actual concern. It's just a way to argue someone down on the value of their used game.

Personally, I'd like to see companies like GameStop go under. Between their low pay, horrible shifts, that bullshit with having to use their own bankcards instead of direct depositing to your personal account, and all that employee mistreatment stuff, it wouldn't be missed. Too many people getting fucked over by such a ubiquitous company, simply because "they're the only around".

Back on topic: Praise Arceus.

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CoroCoro leaks are out, and there's some craaaaazy shit going on!

http://serebii.net/corocoro9161.jpg Yowashi is Water-type and appears to have the ability to change its appearance from its Single Form into a larger fish, its School Form. So kind of like Ageislash from XY.

http://serebii.net/corocoro9162.jpg The little sandcastle is called Sunabaa while the big one is called Shirodesuna. Ghost/Ground-type. And Beware gets an pre-evo that is the same type. Kind of cute,will likely end up being used because it's slightly more adorable than its fully evolved form.

http://serebii.net/corocoro9163.jpg Here we see a new Alolan form of Meowth and Marowak. Meowth is Dark type while Marowak is Fire/Ghost. Marowaks bone is now of one of those flaming torches that performers spin around. That, along with Marowak's history in RBY explains its new typing.

http://serebii.net/corocoro9164.jpg The new bad guys are called Team Skull, and have a pirate theme. No, not like Team Aqua. A different pirate theme. More like some guys out of One Piece than Pirate of the Caribbean.


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Shit, even more info. Looks like some of the slides from the August 12th event are out. More info and a couple of new pokes as well!


http://imgur.com/a/pwi1b More info on the new bad guys

http://imgur.com/a/8yEk1 Abilities for the Alolan forms of Meowth and Marowak

http://imgur.com/BfrstlH Info on a certain pokémon's ability in a Double Battle

Video clip from the announcement video: http://i.4cdn.org/vp/1470863160632.webm or https://webmshare.com/XGRNx if the first one is removed/deleted.

YouTube version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BE8MqUf1Lts&feature=youtu.be

More info on Alolan Raichu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKecGyyOEJI&feature=youtu.be


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15 hours ago, Bleck said:

I'm p sure it's a mata-mata

I have never seen nor heard of this terrifying animal.

I want to ride one, but I suspect it will rip off at least on of my appendages.

FUCKING STUFFUL. Fucking cute mascot: confirmed.

Glad to see more of the haunted sand castle. Just waiting on stats now to see how it will differentiate itself from Golurk. Or from any other Ghost and Ground types.I get that its ability is new, but people will know to expect it switching in to get that stat boost from Water attacks.

Crabrawler is likely to evolve to a Water/Fighting type... which would make it the third in the series, after Poliwrath and Keldeo (which I still don't get entirely... I know it's supposed to be one of the Musketeer themed pokémon, but Water?)

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The WiFi Victini event is coming up soon, on September 1st. Victini is a legendary Fire/Psychic type, with 100 in every base stat. Cool ability, good stats, nice typing... If you never got one during the release day event for Black and White on the DS, this might be your last chance for a long time.

Just go to Mystery Gift and select the download option. No stores to visit, just sit at home and relax.

Also, there is going to be a Nintendo Direct on September 1st. No info at all is known, so it may or may not be pokémon related. We'll see.

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Well, the Nintendo Direct is on, and the Sun/Moon info is... limited.

First, there is an Aloan Rattatta. It's Dark Type. Second, Munchlax has an exclusive Z-Move item. Like the special pokémon that were available at the release date of Black and White as well as XY, you can simply download it via Mystery Gift

EDIT: video is up:

OK, that Snorlax scene is fucking hilarious.

In other news, if you missed getting Darkrai event from earlier this year, you got another chance.

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New info on Munchlax/Snorlax event
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OK, better clarification on that Munchlax event.


So, basically, if you buy the game at any point from day one to January 11,, 2017, you can simply download the Munchlax on your 3DS. No codes, no werid sign-ups for anything, just grab it.

It's pretty much identical to the Victini event for Black/White (2010), the special Ability Torchic for XY (2013), and the shiny Beldum for ORAS (2014).

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