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Pokémon: Forget Ultra Sun and Moon, Core Game for Switch Announced

The Damned

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That new Global Mission I mentioned before is now live.

Basically, if all players around the world win a total of 250,000 Battle Points from the Battle Tree, every one that registered gets 2000 Festival coins (4000 for tying to your PGL account, as like before). If we hit 500,000, we also get a... Heavy Ball.

Man, those secondary goal prizes are fucking pathetic. Give us a Rare Candy or a Bottle Cap, or something that's kind of rare and useful.

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  • 2 months later...

Hey, long time no update... because there really isn't much going on with pokémon these days.

I mean, aside from Magikarp Jump on Anroid and iOS, another new Global Mission (again, already exceeded its goal with over a week to go) and that new Nintendo Direct that comes out tomorrow.


I doubt it's anything about the rumored Stars game (that's a whole other discussion) and could be anything from Gold Silver and Crystal on the 3DS Virtual Console to yet another phone game. We'll find out in about... 23 hours from when this is posted.

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Well, I nailed two out of three of my expectations, so I'm better than most of the fanbase with their bingo cards.

Now, unless they really change things up for US/UM (USM? UMS? UMUS? UMUS. UMUS! I'm using that from now on) unless they really change things up for UMUS, I'm not exactly excited for it. I mean, it was a nice change from the usual when we got Sun and Moon, but the post-Elite 4 game was pretty lacking. Aside from checking up on the random Global Missions to get free stuff, I haven't played it in months.

As for Gold and Silver on Virtual Console, that's no big surprise. Red, Blue and Yellow did really good, and it makes sense to put those ones upp as well.

Pokken... I don't have any interest in it, so whatever.

Interesting theory someone brought up. That's not an official image, just noticing that the colors of the N2DSXL match the color schemes of the official logos for UMUS.

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Aside from altering the trading functions to make it compatible with the 3DS, RBY were left untouched. Yellow still had its GameBoy Printer features intact, even though there was no way to use them.

GSC had a seven day calendar system, the 3DS has an actual one (day, month and year). They could make it sync with the system calendar, but it's easier to just leave it alone.

9 hours ago, Mirby said:

theory: alolan forms of johto pokemon

because of this unown text

That's real, in case anyone was wondering. It appears at 26 seconds in. If you read the left and right sides of the tops of the wall as the camera zooms in, the walls say "ultra sun ultra moon' over and over, in the Unown typeface.

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  • DarkeSword changed the title to Pokémon: Ultra Sun and Moon, Core Game for Switch Announced
2 hours ago, The Damned said:

3DS is officially on the way out, Switch is the official portable now. Not that there was really any doubt, this just confirms it.

Really?  I mean, they wouldn't be developing a whole new pair of Pokemon games for release in 2018 if the 3DS were really done.  There was less support for the Wii U by the time the Switch's name was even revealed.  And there's Metroid: Samus Returns coming, too.

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Serebii's anticipating that it'll be next gen that'll be on the Switch and not the ones directly after US/UM, as Pokemon gens have never been split by console and Game Freak has two teams.

But they could skip the anticipated Diamond/Pearl remakes in favor of jumping straight to Gen 8, a la Gen 5 -> Gen 6. The pattern matches up even more when you consider that US/UM might be sequel games like B2/W2.

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