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OCR03317 - Final Fantasy VI "Monument of Non-Existence"


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This is unapologetic metal. Wow. I loved hearing Dancing Mad taken into this kind of realm. This is like some kind of cross between an evil rave and a ritual sacrifice.

- Holy clowns, the load up at 1:10!

- I loved the break at 2:15 with the slow tick of the clock?

- Really major props to keeping in some of the choral and piano elements, particularly the wonderful evil piano section starting at 4:15 that you somehow got to mesh with the metal, and later strings and metal?!? That might be the best section of the whole song, the juxtaposition is so wonderfully handled. 

- 5:55-6:30 is reality-destroying, which is perfect for the song and its context. Serious thrash.


Overall, this thing isn't a beast; it's a behemoth, with absurd strength and a backup call of Meteor. If the album is anything like this, I'm grabbing it first and asking questions later. Awesome!!

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I love the music, as FF6 is one of my mainstays, and I often resort to.. well.. Dancing Madly.

The only downside I can hear is the drums (I pay more attention to drums cause I play em I guess). I love the variety, but in some portions the drums kind of start ratcheting in reverse from the beat line (the bass etc at 1:20 and similar segments), and you have to have headphones on in order to hear it properly. Without them, it kind of seems to slide around like those Christmas lights that kind of blink in rhythm, then de-sync, then eventually blink back in rhythm after going completely around their cycles, or how a wheel cap on a car appears to roll in reverse after it reaches a certain speed.

It's a natural hazard of high-speed drums, not physically there, but the effect can be noted.

Everything else is flowing very neatly, and the mood is held quite well. I'll probably be returning to this song a few times in the future.... few hundred times dunno.. could be.

Now I've got myself wondering how many times I've heard certain songs in my life... oh boy. Uh.. I better stop here before I ponder myself to deaf.

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Usually I have a policy of listening through any song all the way through, sometimes multiple times before committing it to my downloaded playlist.

By the 5 minute mark I had already downloaded this one it was so impressive it blew me away. The only reason why I didn't download it earlier on in the piece was that I was still in stunned immobility from the sheer awesomeness.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR03317 - Final Fantasy VI "Monument of Non-Existence"

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