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Starting to draw character (resurrection thread)

Jared Hudson

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Hi! Haven't checked this out in a while, this is really great that you've made an actual comic book!

I was wondering what it was called, how much it is, and where you can get it at.

Thanks in advance. 

if you don't mind, I'd like to use your drawings as inspiration for a novel that I'm working on with another friend. I shall give you full credit. This novel shall not be published as it is fanfiction, I just want to see how some characters will look and some scenes sketched out panel wise.

Again, thanks in advance. 

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It pains me to say that my cat Pixel is now no longer with us. She was 4 years old. I’ve lost both my cats I adopted in NYC in the last 18 months due to anemia and leukemia. At least I got answers this time, which helped me get through this experience a bit easier. Pets are our friends and our family. Even though it can hurt like hell going through these experiences, the time we have them is what makes life worth living. Thanks to all my friends and family supporting me through this terrible endeavor, and thanks to my mom for emotional support during the procedure. I’m going to miss you baby girl.

However, I also did a little sketch this week of Pixel as her character "Nelly" from the comic, who also happens to be married to Helix (Theo). Nelly was her adopted name from the shelter I got her at.





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