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  1. Hi Esperado, thanks for your help. I made my own page there, please check it out, or just look at what I posted here on the forum. Let me know if the images/links are viewable. Thanks again
  2. I wanted to say something, about the samus and zelda art. I think it looks cool, and it reminds me of 1990s Andy and Adam Kubert stuff. Thank for sharing.
  3. Hi, I'm really inspired by the many talented individuals of this community. I'm going to start sharing my work. Just drawings I've done for fun, or maybe local contests...actually only one contest. Hopefully I can figure out how to upload the files. I was afraid of this. I don't know how to upload attachments. Anyone who can help? http://fav.me/dbx9f0z So, I have a link to a drawing I uploaded to my newly created deviant art page. This drawing was for a submissio to the Graphic novel contest for san jose public library in California. I used it for the
  4. Hi, does anyone still participate on the deviant art site? How can I join the group?
  5. I showed a coworker, he thinks it looks great. But, he remembers how hard the old rockman games were. I agreed with him. He's a young guy, so he's lucky his mom's going to get him a switch for xmas when he visits her. He's a native of China. Anyways, my point is, he and I both will definitely pick this up when it is released. Thanks again for bringing it to everyone's attention.
  6. Hi, I am glad to see your hardwork materialized into such a great production. You are an inspiration, and I'm sure many agree with me.
  7. I'm smiling. That looked fun. Thanks for sharing!
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