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OCR03593 - *YES* Banjo-Kazooie "Big Room Gobi"

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Contact Information

-Remixer Name: B-laze
-Real name:          Kenneth Nordsveen
-Email address:    
-Userid:                  29885

Submission Information

-Name of game(s) arranged:

Banjo & Kazooie

-Name of arrangement

Fungist - Gobi's Valley

-Name of individual song(s) arranged

Gobi's Valley

-Additional information about game including composer, system, etc. (if it has not yet been added to the site)

Original composer is Grant Kirkhope. System used is Nintendo 64.
-Link to the original soundtrack (if it is not one of the sound archives already available on the site)

-Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.

Hello, Its B-laze. Im also known as Fungist. There is no real difference of the productions under both names, i just found "B-laze" to be harder to search for when people was looking for my music.
But i preffer being listed under B-laze on OCremix so that my earlier music is grouped with my new.
I Wanted to make Big Room house, its really not my domain and is my second take on the genre.
After thinking shortly of some games i instantly figured out that Gobi's valley was the right track to remix.
It has the eastern/egyptian theme and would fit great into a bigroom house remix.
I started trying out a Lead for the main melody, and kept tweaking it until i had the preferred sound to 
match it with the egyptian theme of Gobi's valley.
Then i just kept on producing the track using lots of sound effects from the game.

When it comes to mixing Big room house it shouldn't really be a big deal, i did however end up with lots of sounds for the breakdowns and less for the monotonic climax and it did put some faults here and there but i fixed them as well as i could with my current low budget studio monitors.
I have yet to seem some music of this genre on OCremix, so why not fill some more colors into the rainbow.
Im currently looking through the project information as i write this and thought anyone would 
be interested in knowing this:

Project started: 25.9.15
Total time spent producing: 20 hours 34 minutes.
Project Finished: 22.01.16

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I like this approach, though I'd argue this hits more on the "Trap" genre than it does "House". I may be missing more subtle elements, but that bass drum sounds distinctly trap. That has very little impact on my view of the mix, though - whatever it is you did, you did a pretty darn good job of it.

The arrangement is pretty simple, but it works well. The melody is generally played pretty straight, but the genre and atmosphere is certainly clever enough to carry it past the bar, in that regard. The samples that are used throughout are silly, but they're not problematic. Overall, the arrangement fit the standards of the site, and the overall arrangement is cohesive.

The production is pretty good, but it has a few areas that could use some improvement. The percussion has a tendency to be mixed in the back of the mix. Aside from the trap bass drum, the percussion is barely present in the mix. From what I hear the percussion is pretty solid, so it'd be nice to hear it through everything else. The synth that first comes in at 1:21 is a bit loud in comparison to the rest of the mix - the appropriate level would be to roughly match the levels that the other synth that it trades off of throughout. It sticks out, at the levels it's at right now.

I think this is very close, but the mixing leaves it just below the bar. Mix the percussion more up front and fix the mixing on the synth I mentioned and I could see this working out just fine. I could see this one passing anyway (it's a pretty close call for me), but the fact that these mixing issues affect the entire track edged me toward the vote I have.


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Gotta disagree fiercely with Gario. As much as I'm not really a fan of big-room, this is undeniably well-arranged and truly amusing. The production style might throw some off who are unfamiliar with the genre (other than @Flexstyle's Yoshi's Island mix on Super Cartography Bros, I don't think OCR has ever seen a mix in this specific sub-genre before,) but by the genre's standards, this is pretty well done as far as I'm concerned. I cracked up when I first heard Kazooie's talon trot sfx layered with the melody at 1:18, that was hilariously tongue-in-cheek and so well implemented. Another highlight to me was the subtle pitch bending on the lead synths to keep with the source's eastern aesthetic. Great track that doesn't take itself too seriously at all.


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Man, I have to agree with Wes, giving this a NO seems way off.  The adaptation is on point and the arrangement is really fun and interpretative.  The original was changed quite a bit to make it fit the genre and it works surprisingly well, I certainly don't think big room edm when I remember Gobi's valley theme.  The samples from the game are just plain fun and silly and they fit very well too.  The production was good, for the genre this is pretty much what you would be looking for, and the different textures are interesting.  It's not a perfect mix but definitely over the bar for me.  Aside from the goofiness inherent on the original theme and the samples used, this isn't very far from what one would hear in a big room house song.


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Man, lots of disagreement with me on this. I had to give this another listen, to double check...

Ack, nah, my vote IS off. I can hear the most important drum pretty solidly throughout - I think the headphones I had prior were not catching the frequencies correctly. My bad on that. The other percussion was alright, though still a little on the quiet side. My point on the synth sticking out like a sore thumb still bugs me, but it's not something that I'd NO this for alone. It was close for me, so that change in perception alone is enough to sway me on this.

Yeah, my vote was off, giving this another listen on a different setup. What you have works great, for the genre you have going (even if the production is still a bit hot). I rescind my prior vote on this - give this man the front page.


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Definitely not trap!  Big Room House is the correct genre I think.  Trap kick beats are much more complex than straight 4x4, and trap tracks are slower tempo than this, generally, afaik.  

Some of the timbres in this mix are too hot/crispy, and some of the balances could be better.  At 1:15 that first call and response section, the two synths are mixed so differently and the second one is too loud.  I agree with Gario on that point.  I can hear why Gario said the drums are mixed too far in the back, they do sound quiet to me as well, but I believe it is caused by that one synth being too loud.  This genre relies on huge hot/crispy saws, but this one synth being too loud is what makes it feel TOO hot/crispy for me.

I love how the sfx are used, I'm a big fan of game sfx in remixes.  I like this arrangement a lot but it bothers me that both verses are 100% copy-pasta, every note and every sfx duplicated exactly.  I guess this is par for the genre though, but it bugs me.  Just some little bit of variation between the verses would have been nice.  Even just replacing the ending laugh with something else would have helped a lot.  The intro and middle breakdown writing are very good.  The buildups are good.  The complete-stop transition at 2:00 is awkward as heck, though.

I really dislike straight copy-pasta.  However I think this is a track people are going to like a lot.  I'm giving this a borderline due to the slightly-off mixing and the blatant copy-pasta.  The copy-pasted sections represent 43% of this arrangement.  The overall arrangement is good enough that I'm going to overlook my typical "no copy-pasta" stance this time.

YES (borderline on copy-pasta)

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